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Nephew Sharwin Attacked at Santa Teresa H.S.

pretty pinay

My asawa and I had received disturbing text messages one Friday afternoon from the adviser to our nephew Sharwin: he had been attacked at Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island. I was on my way to the high school the following Monday morning to find out why the pupil who had punched my nephew was not reprimanded.Nephew Sharwin at field exercises

Nephew Sharwin in the middle participating in field exercises at the high school

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American Expat in Philippines Rescues Report Cards at Iloilo

ushers at santa teresa guimaras

American expat in Philippines rescues report cards at Iloilo High School. Yes, I had to make a return trip to the educational institution which our niece Shaina and nephew Sharwin formerly attended. (Note: after misspelling our nephew’s name for over four years now, my asawa has finally corrected me on how to properly spell the young man’s name. My apologies, Sharwin, not Sharwen.)

Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino FarinaSharwin and Michelle. Don’t ask.

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Iloilo City High School Teacher Tried to Cheat My Nephew: Part 2

high school iloilo

Arrived at my niece and nephew’s high school around 6:30 am. Went up to my nephew Sharwen’s classroom to see if the instructor that had taken his 840 peso change for a new school t-shirt had arrived yet. She hadn’t. I wanted to have a chat with the Iloilo City high school teacher that tried to cheat my nephew. I wasn’t in the best mood. My asawa had stayed at home. She knew I was on a mission and there was no stopping me. 

high school iloilo(Photo Source: sunstar.com)

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Iloilo City High School Teacher Tried to Cheat My Nephew

An Iloilo City high school teacher recently tried to teach cheat my nephew Sharwen out of money owed to him. Now that Sharwen and his sister, Shaina, our niece, are  enrolled in the public high school system in Guimaras, I’m releasing this post as I feared possible repercussions from the “teacher” involved in this incident.The Scammer

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Conversion of Foreign License to Philippine Driver’s License: My Asawa’s Experience, Part 2

Conversion of Foreign License to Philippine Driver's License: My Asawa's Experience is concluded today with this post. My wife had made the trip to the main Land Transportation Office in Iloilo, located in the Jaro District, to have her Illinois Driver's License changed to a Filipino license before her birthday in September. Iloilo Rescue in Guimaras

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Conversion of Foreign License to Philippine Driver’s License: My Asawa’s Experience

my lovely asawa

Conversion of a foreign license to a Philippine Driver’s License. Something I don’t plan to do. My Illinois Driver’s License expired last year. My wife, who at the age of 40, obtained her first driver’s license while living in the States,  decided to have her Illinois license converted to a Philippines license before it expired next month on her birthday. The advantage of converting a foreign driver’s license before expiration? Don’t have to take any written or driving exams in the Philippines. That’s a huge plus in my books. 

Our Chevy Truck

(Our Chevy truck in Illinois not long after my wife got her first driver’s license. OK, OK, I was driving and a deer hit our Colorado on the way to work about 5:30 in the morning. Just a little “husband humor” for you guys out there.)

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ILECO’s Substandard Service in Savannah Subdivison, Iloilo

ILECO's substandard service in Savannah Subdivison, Iloilo, where we reside, is an ongoing problem that is increasingly worsening. I long for the days when I complained about 44 brownouts we experienced from late October 2011 through late June 2012 in a post titled Iloilo's bothersome brownouts.ILECO

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Leaving Iloilo

Leaving Iloilo. Next year. Why? Lolo’s  Alzheimer’s. No water. Constant brown outs. After nearly two years in “The City of Love,” and four years since moving to the Philippines, my asawa and I have decided to move back to her home province of Guimaras.  I’m fine with that.

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