Surprise Trek to the Mojave

mojave desert e

Most of my American readers are aware that the Mojave Desert, located in the American Southwest, is around 7,000 miles from the Philippines, and Iloilo, where my asawa and I currently reside.  The Sainted Patient Wife handed me her cell phone yesterday ( I don’t own one), Thursday, around 5:15 pm and said I had a call. To my utter astonishment the caller invited me to the Mojave!

mojave desert

(Photo source: bbmedia.bbchs.org )

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The Iloilo Dentist and the Ten Dollar Extraction: Part 2

Ten dollar bill

Got seated in the dentist’s chair when the cell phone rang. It was my asawa. I informed her that I had found a dentist to pull my aching tooth but I would have to call back. The doc took a look at my misbehaving molar and said I had two options. Extraction or root canal. I went with extraction.

Ten dollar bill

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The Filipina Fish Bone Fiasco Finale


My asawa woke up with the fish bone still stuck in her throat. Last post told the story of how my spouse, after 47 years of eating fish, had managed to swallow a bone the day before that refused to be dislodged. I advised her that we were going to the doctor this morning, and refusing to go was NOT an option. At times I have to  put on my macho facade and insist on my instructions being followed. This was one of those instancesDSC

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More Nogas Island, Pale Pilsen and Pretty Pinays


Arrived on Nogas Island, a 24-heactare government marine reserve approximately 3 kilometers off the coast of Anini-y, Antique on the southern tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas. Thanks to a generous road trip offer from Fergus and Rose,   my asawa and I were enjoying some great company and fantastic views. It was quite a welcome change from our usual Monday routine which usually involved just hanging around our home located outside of Iloilo City. And it beats window shopping for purses and shoes at SM City any day!  With a cooler full of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Tanduay Ice, we were ready to enjoy the day. DSC

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Nogas Island, Pale Pilsen and Pretty Pinays


Road trip. Fergus and Rose. Nogas Island in Antique Province. Pale Pilsen.T-Ice. Great scenery. Swimming in the ocean. Pretty Pinays all along the way. How could I resist an adventure like that? Isn't that what retirement in the Philippines is supposed to be like? Exploring new vistas and enjoying life? My asawa and I have spent plenty of time cooped in our new subdivision home outside of Iloilo City. It was time to see what else Panay Island had to offer other than shopping at SM City or Robinsons. DSC

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New Website Launched by Señor Frog in the Philippines!


In past articles a lot has been made of "fighting the boredom" when you come to Philippines. That is something that the expat living here and who is not able to work at a paid "job" must do unless he wants to lose his mind. (All photos courtesy of   Señor Frog Productions  © All Rights Reserved.) DSC

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The Best Burger in Iloilo City


I'm a burger aficionado.  Growing up in the Fifties in a small town, Mt. Olive, Illinois,  greasy burgers  became part of my DNA. Mom would mix lumps of bread to extend the meal (I grew up with two younger brothers) and fry it in a huge floating lump of lard. But my real love for this beef-on-a-bun-treat began when my parents would load us into the old Studebaker and bring us to the A&W Root Beer stand outside of Litchfield. DSC

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Delivery Truck Hauls in New Mattress for my Pinay Princess


It was hot in the Mandaue Foam furniture showroom on General Luna Street in Iloilo City a week ago this past Sunday morning. Furniture shopping for a new mattress for my asawa, The Pinay Princess,  and I. Despite the stifling heat in the store, I was more concerned about what the delivery truck charges would be.  A recent visit to Gaisano City revealed a hefty 750 peso (17.40 US Dollars) charge for deliveries to our subdivision. The sales lady at Mandaue informed me that they charge 150 pesos (3.48 USD). I was pleased with that substantial savings. DSC

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Philippines Shopping: Gaisano City in Iloilo


Gaisano City located in the Lapaz district of Iloilo used to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the area. My asawa and I had only visited the store once since an initial visit after first moving to the Philippines over two years ago. We weren't overly impressed, and the air conditioning (or lack of it) did not make it one of our favorite places. Good air con and the variety of shops offered at SM City is why you will see that particular mall written about numerous times on this website. DSC

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