PhilHealth Contribution for Hospital Bill


After being diagnosed with gastritis and bile reflux, my asawa was ready to be discharged from Medicus Hospital in Iloilo City. This post, “PhilHealth Contribution=$300 ER, Hospital Bill,” reveals how much of our hospital bill, PhilHealth, the national health insurance plan of the Philippines, covered.

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Dengue Hospital Costs Covered by PhilHealth

guimaras provincial hospital

We received good news since my spouse was admitted to our local healthcare facility in the Philippines. She was on the road to recovery and was discharged from the Guimaras Provincial Hospital this past Friday after a battle with dengue fever and pneumonia

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You’re Moving to the Philippines and Expect to Find a Job?


You’ve met the love of your life online. She’s the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Well, you’ve only “seen” her on a webcam. Never mind that wedding ring she was wearing one time. That was her Mom’s. She just felt like wearing some bling that day and had no idea she had parked it on the finger reserved for wedding rings.  Yeah, right, and duwendes came into our bedroom last night and peed on my face ( I’m not into that personally.) So you’re moving to the Philippines to live with her, right?


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Paying Bills? Pay Bills Online or go to a SM Mall?

paying bills at sm city

Live in the Philippines and paying bills? We paid the electric and water bill back in Guimaras, but most of the time our brother-in-law would wait in line at the different utility offices to take care of that errand for us. In our new home at our subdivision outside of Iloilo City, we don’t have that luxury. Since I can’t pay bills online like I did in the States because we do not have a bank account in the Philippines yet, we have to go in person to pay our bills. Fortunately our local SM City Mall has a department located in the supermarket  that offers bill payment services (see next photo.)


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Outrageous Medical Costs at Philippines Hospitals.

emergency room

I recently received a disturbing email from a new reader back in the State concerning some outrageous medical costs (to the tune of over 1.5 million pesos at this point) that a relative had incurred while a patient at a “For-Profit Hospital” in Global City (Fort Bonifacio.) Let’s call this reader “Jane,” as she has given me permission to publish her email (though I have altered her location and name in order for her to remain anonymous.) Here’s her message:DSC

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Healthcare Remimbursement Accounts: Medical Costs

hospital costs philippines

My Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HRA) with AT&T is helping to pay our medical costs in the Philippines. Just got reimbursed for a recent ultrasound and blood test that my asawa had in a healthcare clinic in Guimaras. Funny thing is that I didn’t know I had this option available to me until last year when I was checking on some information on an unrelated issue with my benefits department.  Got to talking with the helpful employee about moving to the Philippines and being married to a Filipina. Turns out the lady I was speaking to was a Japanese American and when checking out my account asked me if I knew I qualified for an HRA. “What’s that?” I asked. The Kano goes to emergency

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More Medical Costs at Healthcare Clinic in Guimaras


With the recent events concerning my asawa’s health, an ECG, ultrasound and blood test were in order. We’ll be visiting our healthcare clinic in Guimaras where we are able to save on our medical costs versus taking the pump boat to nearby Iloilo City where the needed procedures are somewhat higher. My spouse did work outdoors all day yesterday at a new guest house to be opened on our island (more on that later.) She seemed to be fine, and I made sure she kept hydrated, though in the afternoon, I demanded (something I don’t often to) that she take a break. Her face was extremely red after burning some yard waste and inhaling smoke. She said she was fine and after a few minutes of rest her complexion regained it’s normal color.DSC

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Back to the Doctor in Iloilo. Medical Costs in the Philippines


Been writing some posts recently about medical costs in the Philippines.  My asawa and I visited Mercury Drug in Iloilo City last week, and she was able to purchase her medicine  that will shrink a small kidney stone that was revealed in an ultrasound she had done in a healthcare clinic in Guimaras.  We saved over 400 pesos (9.17 US Dollars) from the previous quote from a different pharmacy we had went to. I convinced her to finally use the money that had been set aside for our annual fiesta which was held yesterday since the majority of the funds had already been used to help pay for her uncle's funeral costs. However, after our morning walk yesterday, it looks like my spouse will need a return visit to her general practitioner, Dr. Jacobo. She almost collapsed to the ground after suffering some chest pains.DSC

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Medical Costs in the Philippines: A Visit to Generics Pharmacy

Drugstore in the Philippines The Generics Pharmacy

Decided to visit one of the Generics Pharmacy in nearby Iloilo. Mindanao Bob had recommended checking out this chain of drugstores in the Philippines which can offer up to 80-90% savings from other outlets. Anytime we can reduce our medical costs is something we always want to investigate. My asawa had recently had an ultrasound and blood test done at a local healthcare clinic in Guimaras, and we discovered we were able to save a substantial sum by having the tests performed in our local province instead of taking the pump boat to Iloilo City and having the local hospitals perform the procedures. DSC

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