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With the recent events concerning my asawa’s health, an ECG, ultrasound and blood test were in order. We’ll be visiting our healthcare clinic in Guimaras where we are able to save on our medical costs versus taking the pump boat to nearby Iloilo City where the needed procedures are somewhat higher. My spouse did work outdoors all day yesterday at a new guest house to be opened on our island (more on that later.) She seemed to be fine, and I made sure she kept hydrated, though in the afternoon, I demanded (something I don’t often to) that she take a break. Her face was extremely red after burning some yard waste and inhaling smoke. She said she was fine and after a few minutes of rest her complexion regained it’s normal color.DSCNow you might wonder why I would even  consider letting her work outside all day hauling leftover branches and plants cut down from a previous work crew that completely butchered the landscape and felt it not necessary to clean up after themselves. Why would I run the risk of another visit to the Centri Clinical Laboratory, the healthcare clinic on Guimaras Island where the previous ultrasound and blood test were done?

I would ask you if you are married to a Filipina? My wife, whom I dearly love, is about one of the most independent and stubborn persons you can ever meet. After over 11 years of marriage, I know if she has her mind set to do something, she’s going to do it.   I will happily pay out more medical costs in an effort to keep her healthy as I’m sure most loving spouses would do. Fortunately the recent expenses we have incurred will be reimbursed by the retirement benefits we have, and I have great confidence in our Ioilo City physician, Dr. Jacobo, who only charges 350 pesos (eight US Dollars) for an office visit.

With the ultrasound at the healthcare clinic costing only 1800 pesos (41.16 USD, down from the 42.48 when I first posted this story, the exchange rate is improving), and the blood test costing 1220 pesos (27.89 USD, down from 28.76 previously), medical costs in the Philippines are really not the issue. I’ve been satisfied for the most part with our various visits to different hospitals and physicians in Iloilo City, expect for the rudest doctor in the Philippines.  

Even after a hard day of yard work, my asawa felt fine yesterday. She loves working out in the yard and wanted to thank Alan and Mike for their recent generosity. Alan recently paid for our room at The Iloilo City Inn along with treating us to an extravagant engagement party, and Mike has paid for many meals, tricycle rides, etc., himself. She refused to take any kind of payment for the work, although Mike did donate some plants and used wine bottles that my frugal wife wants to use for flower vases.

Medical costs in the Philippines. The ultrasound, blood test, and the Guimaras healthcare clinic. Not pleasant experiences but with the support from friends like Paul from Iloilo and recent visits from Murray along with Alan, Mike, and the soon return of Brother Tom, it makes dealing with these unpleasant realities much easier. It’s good to have friends.

3 thoughts on “More Medical Costs at Healthcare Clinic in Guimaras

  1. Dave,

    Glad your asawa is doing better. I think being stubborn is a filipina trait, but not when it concerns your health. It’s good that you have friends that you can really count on, because you never know when you may need them. Take care and be safe

  2. The ladies being hardheaded is world WIDE Dave. I think it is in the DNA. Now for us men…well, never mind. I will just convict myself. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to chime in with some news from the “Ice Man”. Got word last night from my sister-in-law, Racquel, that the builder we hired finally stuck a shovel in the ground and started our new house. We had hoped to start a month ago, but, as you might expect, encountered some red tape: The land had to be surveyed, again, because we had not used the surveyor preferred by the municipality. Also, we had to acquire 2 more parcels of adjoining land in order to get title to the whole thing (??!!!), and that in order to get the building permit. Then, the materials list changed. Whew! Only in the Phils! A contract must be considered a “living” document over there!
    Anyway, regarding stubborn Filipinas, my asawa is all over this situation like white on rice, because this is going to be her new home and she wants it right!
    Also, regarding health care costs, just got a premium increase of 25% on my policy! I can’t afford it…so, we are moving up our timetable for retirement in the Phils. We should be there next year!

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