Lots of Ladyboys and Scammers on DateinAsia!

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Do I have an obsession with ladyboys in the Philippines? Rest assured, I am a heterosexual happily married to a beautiful Filipina.  But as I was researching dating sites and scammers in the Philippines,  DateinAsia, kept popping up in my Google search. You can  view who is online without becoming a member or registering,  so I did a search and found a bunch of ladyboys on the Philippines that were “online now” and looking for love.  It was kind of scary!Janice GarciaBut before I get back to the ladyboys, let’s take a look at what else I found. Well, there was this obviously distraught young Filipina that posted this message on her profile, and in this exact size font:


Ok, sounds like she has had some bad experiences from some nasty guys. Well, here’s the profile picture she posted:

indecent messagesHmmm, well, she didn’t show a lot of cleavage like some of the girls on DateinAsia did (not that I noticed), but I would suggest that if she did not want any more indecent or vulgar messages, she might want to change that profile picture.

The next girl has a problem with perverts, and displayed “No perverts, please!” on her profile. That’s her picture below. 

no perverts pleaseExcuse me, but I think if
she showed a little less cleavage, that might also reduce the number of her pervert messages, but that’s just my opinion. Now that doesn’t excuse someone that is sending inappropriate messages, but don’t you think you might exercise a little bit better judgment when posting such a profile picture?

Another cute Filipina displayed her bank account number online and was asking for funds so she could go to school! Her profile stated she was “to ho to handle,” I guess she meant “too hot,” but then again, “ho”might be more appropriate.

Ok, let’s move on to the ladyboys. There must have been at least a dozen or more ladyboys online from the Philippines when I checked the DateinAsia site. I must admit, they were all honest about who they  were and did not try to hide that information. Here are just a few of the photos they posted.


Well, it was an interesting visit to this Asian dating site.  I believe some of the Filipinas seeking a boyfriend or mate were sincere, but it’s hard for me judge how many really were. As one exasperated cute Filipina headlined on  her profile:

“Are there no true people here? why are there so many liars and scrammers..??????”

I feel sorry for the young ladies that were really seeking their true love, but I don’t know what kind of chances they have online with this particular site.  Best wishes  for the sincere ones, but for those, including any guys trying to mislead or trick these ladies from the Philippines, I wish they would just leave this dating site and let the sincere ones find their soul mate.  It is possible to find a future partner online, but as it’s been repeated here often,  exercise some caution and good common sense. Who knows,  you might just find your dream Filipina! Or ladyboy!

Author: The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 19 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Shepherd called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people in the last two years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.

101 thoughts on “Lots of Ladyboys and Scammers on DateinAsia!

  1. Hi Dave,
    I talked to a scammer who had something about no vulgar comments or men looking for porn. I think some of them use that as a way to get men feeling sorry for them and who will try to prove that they are not like that.

      1. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the girls on the sites are bombarded by guys looking for the wrong thing. I met several who were convinced by other guys that being naughty was the only way to attract someone.

        1. You’re probably right about that, John. The DateinAsia site had a few Filipinas that were advertising themselves as wild or naughty but were definitely in the minority.

  2. Date In Asia has a Tagum City only web site. I tell you it is hard to tell the ladys from the boys at times. Where do the guys get the money for the boob jobs? Scammers? You will find them on every dating service on the internet.

    I used a service to meet Meriam. That has turned out VERY well. With that being said some man just like boys better. I don’t understand it and don’t care to try to understand.

    73 de kb0ni AKA Gary

    1. Gary, I have absolutely NO idea where those “guys” get the money for the boob jobs. Some of them make very convincing women. And it’s true, you’ll find scammers on every site. I’ll be doing more “investigative” reporting on other sites in the future.

      Glad you were fortunate to meet your Meriam. I used a pen pal service to meet my asawa, Melinda, over 11 years ago. I’m curious if anyone out there has met their wife through an online dating website. I know some of my readers have made comments to that effect. There are some really nice, sincere girls out there. Too bad the scammers and the bonehead guys that try to take advantage of the good ones are out there.

          1. I think Cherry Blossoms is much more reputable than a lot of the sites I’ve seen, Gary. I set up my wife’s best friend from the Philippines there when she was an OFW in Hong Kong. She’s married to a great guy now in Columbus, Ohio, and has a small child.

          2. Dave

            Met my g/f in Date in Asia. She is the real deal. I’ve dealt with a few scammers and ladyboys on the site. There very easy to spot.

            1. Good for you, Randy! It just broke my heart when I looked at that site, because I could tell there were a lot of sincere young ladies looking for true love. The ladyboys were easy to spot, and most of them posted that info right on their website.

        1. Sounds like I’m getting some positive feedback on Cherry Blossoms, Richard. I did a quick search of their site the other day and didn’t find any lady boys, and the profiles that the ladies displayed seemed a much better tone than what I saw on DateinAsia.

          1. Meriam and I have set up Jhona and and friend on Cherry Blossoms. If any of you kanos are looking then let me know. Young and pretty, Christian and the friend is a Baptist Bible Woman. Meriam almost gave me a punch when I was taking her photos. This lady looks good, very good.


            1. Gary, I have a best friend back in the States living in Kansas City. He’s a Bible-believing good Christian guy that recently told me he would be interested in meeting some nice Filipinas. He’s been on the same job for 20 years. He’s an old geezer like me, 59 (you’re a young 73, Gary, Rocky and I haven’t aged as well.)

          2. Melyn’s cousin comes from a Baptist Church in Ormoc Leyte. If you know any guys looking for a Bible thumper, It would be worth connecting with us. Melyn’s cousin was chosen by one of several Baptist guys from North Carolina who traveled to that church in Leyte just to find good Bible girls. Just add me on Facebook. Search my email, johnmthompson@msn.com.

            1. Thanks for the information, John. Bible thumpers can make for a good asawa. Better than getting thumped by a bolo over the head, I can tell you that! Seriously, though, glad you put out that information. If any else knows some Filipinas that might want to chat with some foreigners, please leave a comment or send me an email. I could start a separate feature on my website for these contact. Thanks again, John.

        2. what i do not like is the pinays assume any good looking man is a playboy but they make the old fat ugly men the playboys by thinking that and assuming these other guys are so pure, lol…so i guess that’s how they choose. all i get are games from these girls, over 7 years and chatted to over 1,200 so far.

          i still didn’t give up though because american women are generally fat, spoiled, into drugs or smoking or tattoos

      1. I found Melyn on filipinaheart.com. Very good site in that if anyone was dishonest or playing, a simple button click would get them banned from the site forever. Tried filipinafriendfinder.com but found way too much nonsense. Melyn’s friends used Cherry Blossoms. I was very happy with filipinaheart. I think they have become filipinacupid.com. I hope they are as strict now as they were back then. I had a really good experience with them. The FriendFinder site was just too big. It was unmanageable. FilipinaHeart was smaller so it was easier to manage.

        1. I’ll have to do a review of filipinaheart.com, John. It is filipinacupid.com now as you state. I used to be an affiliate for them, but never garnered any sales so you don’t see their ad posted on my website any longer. But if you recommend them, it sounds like a good place to search for that special someone. Good to hear they have a system in place to ban the scammers.

          My wife’s best friend from Guimaras found her American husband on Cherry Blossoms. I would recommend them, also. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. I didn’t take offense, Dan. I see another comment from you, and see it’s my site. That’s under the control of my Webmaster Supreme, and I don’t mess with the controls much here.

  3. Hi Dave, a read on a PI newspaper some years back about a Kano who demanded an annulment 24 hours after the wedding on the grounds that the “essential pre-requisites of the marriage were not there”. She was a he!! But really, if you’re engaged, you’d think you’d be doing some touch feely over there and if there were unexplained bulges, well….
    I will PM you some more about this topic.

    1. Ha ha, well, what a surprise that guy got, huh, Christin? Glad my wife that I had not met before I arrived in the Philippines and married four days later didn’t have the same surprise for me. That’s funny (well, not to the guy, I suppose.) Thanks for the story.

  4. Also, these ladyboys has to take estrogens (the female hormones) and lots of it to enhance their feminizing appearance and reduce the masculine features. That’s expensive stuff in the Philippines. I’ve always wondered how they can afford that?

    Couple of years ago at Metro Cebu was this gorgeous looking “woman”. Were it not for her companions doing “ooohhs” and “aahhs” on “her” new boobs, I would be none the wiser! Except of course her implants stuck out like huge melons a’la Victoria Beckham. 🙂

    1. Ahhh, estrogens, OK, Christine, that explains it, but it is a good question””How can they afford that?” Well, I don’t think I probably want to know the answer, however.

      Well, sounds like the “woman” in Cebu was getting quite a lot of attention. But you’re right, the fake ones do stand out. Personally, I prefer the “real deal” myself! Luckily, my asawa was very blessed in that department (good thing she doesn’t read my website! She claims to be so shy!)

        1. What can I say, Christine? I worked at a dept. store in Las Vegas years ago. A beautiful customer walked in. I was falling all over myself to help her since I was single guy in a city of gorgeous women. After she left, my boss came over to me. He said “didn’t you notice the big hands and adam’s apple?” Seems my “she” was a “he!”

      1. I got the same score Dave. Scares me. I knew a couple of guys from East LA. They picked up a girl and took her for a ride to have some fun with her. Her turned out be a him. Him hit the road at 50 mph. They saw no humor in what they found.

        1. So Meriam tells me she has no trouble telling the girls from the ladyboys. “Ha” I said, “take the test!” She hits the wrong button on the very first photo. “I didn’t mean that” she said. She still got 8 out of 10! How did she do that???

  5. Meriam and I went to the Davao Del Northe capital yesterday. Met a lady there that met her German boyfriend on DateInAsia. It seems that he is working 3 jobs to support her. He has built her a house, is sending her 4 kids to school. All sorts of stuff. Yes she is still married but her boyfriend is her true love. When it came down to getting the paperworks we needed she said that for only 650 pesos we could have it Monday…or we could wait 6 months to get it. Meriam just smiled and said we would like it Monday. What a gal this woman was.


    1. Great story, Gary. I guess the German and the Filipina are in love, what can I say. And you bet, I’ll pay that 650 pesos to get that paperwork on Monday versus six months any day. Gotta love the Philippines!

  6. Your wife must have a very good eye on details Gary. 🙂 I think the first time I took the test, I got 7/10. Most of the guys at work got 7 and 8. A couple of guys got 6. One got 9. Close, but not quite. Yes indeed, some of these Ladyboys are more gorgeous than the women!

    As for your question Dave “where do they get the money?”. I think some might work in prostitution, and some of course have proper jobs in sales, hairdressing and massage. And believe it or not, some Kanos do like Ladyboys. But still, Ladyboys are no match to the real thing. A sad story was a distant relation who is a ladyboy and managed to get herself a retired Kano. However, the Kano met a woman and got her pregnant. So now, he flits between the (probably unknowing GF) to the suffering Ladyboy.

  7. With reference to Dateinasia I was on this site for 5 months it’s a nice format too view girls easy too you and chat online BUT
    this site allows shemales (MEN) to pose as females with fake photos so annoying if your serious too find a partner, the site seems too allow this but will delete your profile if you send messages of complaint to these men as gays just cry if you do.

    It spoils the site for any genuine women there…just a few

    1. I agree with you, Sonny. I’m sure there are a lot of sincere Filipinas on the site along with the posers. Just wish the best of luck for those ladies that are honestly looking for a good mate. I think there are a lot of good ones out there. I know. I married one.

  8. Comment

    i started using dateinasia for a month now and it sem hard to find real nice guys…there are some scammers behind those nice pictures…i am a filipina and due to some bad experience most men had with filipinas that scam, the new members are affected..they generally think we are all the same…i had a scam experienced in facebook it really broke my heart…but my bestfriend told me about this site for her officemate found her husband now in that site…so i give it a try…hard though!

    1. Sorry about your bad experiences with DIA, rya. My sister-in-law working in Kuwait also recently had a bad experience on FB with an American guy.
      My advice to you would be to register in some of the sites that guys have to pay to communicate with you, such as Cherry Blossoms or Filipino Cupid. You don’t have to pay to enroll on those sites. I’m not saying you could run into some scammers there, but you might be able to find a good guy.

      Or, add me as a Facebook friend and maybe we could get some good guys to contact you. If you add me, be sure to add my wife, Melinda, as she has some contacts, too, that could help. Good luck and let us know how things work out for you.

      1. thanks for the reply…yeah it was a bad experienced but i learned a lot from it…he was so nice he attacked my weakness…he knew my situation in life but did not bother to stop but still pirsue his bad intentiona…thank God i have family and my bestfriend whom i shared and give me a good adviced.my brother was the one who told me to not believe his lies for he had an officemate who was a victim and lost around 25k pesos…that’s a lot for us not having much….now i am more careful but did not stop finding the right one with God grace..my mom always lift me up…okay i will add you….but i don’t know your wife and your fb…i am grateful with this sharing of experiences…it helped a lot.

        1. Well, Rya, I’m glad your Mom and your family are helping you out through this difficult time. Believe me, before I met my wonderful Filipina wife, I had some tough times. My American wife kicked me out of the house after nine months of marriage. I stupidly wandered around the bar scene for three years after the divorce until I started writing my future wife who was working overseas as an OFW. We’ve been married over 14 years now and I was 47 when we got married.

          Sorry, just look at the big ad for Mindanao Bob’s book and check out the social bookmarks for FB, Twitter, etc. , “Connect with The Kano” That’s where you can follow me and I’ll have my wife send you a friend request.

          One more tip: “Google” any future prospects. If they’ve given you their real name and where they live, chances are they’ll show up on a search. Don’t fall for those ads that what you to pay to do a background check. Find out what county they live in, if they’re from the U.S., you can do that by searching their city. Check the county records online for them and see if they have any lawsuits or prior arrests.

          Also beware of prisoners trying to scam you. When my wife and I were pen pals she discovered one of the guys that was corresponding with her was in jail. He had a friend mail the letters for him outside of the jail. Be very careful and try to check these guys out as much as possible. There ARE some good ones out there and never give up hope.

  9. i was not aware of a free background check on google. i tried that to the one who scam me..his name or he used the name david martin which was very common on the place he said which is glasgow UK. he was the one who message me first..it was so direct it caught my eyes though it was found on the 2nd inbox of my fb..i did noticed a lot of red flags as we get to know each other
    ..he seem detailed but kinda more of a detailed story…he uses religion and other nice words to get my trust…when he told me never tell my family about him coming over and he is sending me a package i was surprise..i did not follow him instead i told my family and bestfriend..i am kinda naive when it comes to packages abroad but not that dumb to follow his words..i refused when he said he is going to send packaged but he is persistent with a lot of good reasons everytime i question him.my bestfriend warned me that her officemate had a chatmate, an american living in singapore and told her he will be sending laptop….when the arriving date comes she received a call from malaysia cargo branch that her package was caught and need to pay some amount..it was similar to my scam….thank God i have people around who knew much..thanks for the info and advice…happy day to u and your wife..i’m from mindanao by the way….

    1. Just use Google search and see what you can dig up. Ignore the background check ads that will pop up when you do any kind of name search.

      The laptop scam? That’s the same scam the guy used on my sister-in-law in Kuwait, Rya. He went by the name of Harry Morgan, a common name also, and which aroused my suspicions from the very start. “Harry Morgan” was the name of a famous American actor. My sister-in-law was also contacted by this fraud on Facebook. He sent a message to my wife on FB saying he was glad to be part of the family soon. He was a con artist.

      I have some readers over in Mindanao but my wife and I have never been there. I believe we will visit GenSan someday and see if Tom Ramberg, one of those readers and supporters, still has that free steak dinner offer. I would love to visit there some time and do some articles about the area. Take care.

  10. Ah i see..well i d0n’t kn0w the name of the scammer of my friend’s officemate but the persuati0n and empty pr0mises are quite the same.mine he focused m0re of helping my family and giving me a g0od life.i even gave him s0me pictures of my wh0le family as well as sh0rt pers0nal details.he was g0od in what he do.i feel pity on the pers0n’s pictures he used ‘c0z he lo0ks like a nice pers0n.it was really a life turning experienced.it made me m0re skeptical with men.i’m already 32 and haven’t met the one if he is out there, i d0n’t kn0w.i never been to gensan.i’m in zamb0anga peninsula.y0u kn0w what?this experience has a positive side ‘c0z i f0und y0ur site and read l0t’s of experiences and how they deal with it.

    1. Well, don’t worry if you’re 32 and haven’t found a life partner yet, though in the Philippines, my wife, who was 35 when we got married, was already deemed an “old maid.” I have readers of this website who have married Filipinas in their late 40’s and 50’s. I’m glad you discovered my site despite the circumstances and if any of my single male readers are interested in chatting with you, I hope they do. They’re a good bunch of guys.

      1. yeah it was quite amazing that through i bad experienced i found a better site which you could learn as well as share personal experience for others..here in the philippines when you are at that age you are called “mangkay” in visayan language. my mom is the one always affected with that word though she married late too..she got married at the age of 28 and that’s late also…but i always say to her that if i am destine to get married then he will come…it’s better if it’s given by God as they say…and i believe in that….i am happy that i found this site…thanks for the time…i really appreciate it

          1. thanks dave…is that your name? i seen your post some couple of years…well you did and all your insights about this country…it’s sad at time filipinos tend to forget the beauty of this place due to hard times..i myself could no longer see it’s greatness due to a very hard times especially this time where all basic commodities are at high price…people are very much struggling while corruption is still ramphant…the good and the bad side of this country…well just have to never give up…thanks for the new friendship..and open arm acceptance in your site…good day to you and your family…


  11. morning dave, how was the weather there? here in zamboanga really heavy rain yesterday…you know, my father is from jaro, ilo2x but i never been there…my mother is from bohol and they meet here in zamboanga…i visited bohol already but never got back for awhile now…i have been to cebu last march seem the same the last time i’ve been there…i’ve been to manila to for 2years i stayed there…but i am still a stranger to my own country
    there are still a lot of places i never been and would love to see soon….how about you? what places have been here in the philippines?

    1. My wife and I lived in Iloilo for two years, Ra, and passed through Jaro many a time. We haven’t traveled much, only to Manila and Cebu, plan a trip to Palawan where one of my wife’s brothers works as a traffic enforcer. Lots of great places to visit in Palawan and I’m looking forward to us going there.

      1. yeah palawan is such a nice place..when we were in manila, my bestfriend used to say she love to visit palawan…we’ve been to tagaytay in her birthday before..it’s also nice there…philippines is just a paradise…love it’s wonder…

  12. Comment
    hi dave…i tried the cherry blossom site …it’s much nicer than date in asia…thanks for the recommendation..have a good day….

        1. Yep, just be careful. I hope your luck will be better with Cherry Blossoms, Rya. My wife’s best friend from Guimaras went on CB and had 600 hits in one day on her profile. She married a postal worker from Ohio, good guy, who went to Hong Kong to visit her three times (she was an OFW) before she agreed to marry him. They have a fantastic young son now and doing great.

          1. she is lucky…well i am not that lucky as her but i will just give it a try if things don’t work or i won’t meet someone to get to know more …that’s alright with me..anyways…palawan viewed on tv or pictures won’t give justice…you have to experience it to be able to feel it’s beauty…nice you and your wife will be able to live that experience..
            happy for the both of you…i know you will really have a great experience there…

  13. i am not closing doors…i still have time but if i want a child my clock is ticking….hehehehe
    .anyways…thanks for having you as a friend here online….

    1. Well, Rya, my wife was 35 when we got married and she wanted children of course. I had none from my first marriage to an American. But it wasn’t God’s will, as my wife had already gone through the change of life and not even a specialist in the field could help. We have plenty of nieces and nephews to watch over but I’m sure my wife must get irritated at times by everyone that always asks “Do you have kids?”

  14. well eventhough you don’t have kids but your marriage were strong..that’s trully a blessings…well i guess things are rough and still no luck for me at cherry blossoms mayve because there are high standards to some or they are too cautious…well just have to deal with it
    .not that desperate pa naman…have lots of other things that need my attention…my parents needs our financial support and our small business is going through a rough moments and the price hike of the basic commodities is really high and expensive..really hard times now…but have to be strong.. i need to hold on to God..have to move forward….have a good day dave..

      1. indeed…well milled rice here cost you around 48 to 50…other variety range from 40 to 47…pretty expensive…yeah i am holding unto it…it’s the only thing we have..we lost everything before and we are not yet recpvering…have to be strong…anyways
        ..thanks for the messages and time…good day

          1. i got it from my mama…i saw my mama face all of our struggles and bad experiences with a strong heart and faith…to tell you..we lost our business before in fire…after that we lost our home from mortgage…now we are still struggling but the burden is in our shoulder me and my siblings…i am not telling you this for sympathy but for you to see wheremy strong will and courahe came from…i even plan to apply abroad coz my parents needs proper medication and our small business is in a rough moments…though i finished management accounting at ateneo de zamboang university..a reputable school it was still hard to find good job in manila….i did had a good chance at BDO leasing and rental before but some regular employee say something bad about me that’s why i was not absorb as regular and that experienced really had a bad impact to me that i was so discourage to work again…really hard coz i am doing my best to have that job not for me but for my family who needs it most…sad dave but have to leave it all behind me and move ob..have to let God guide me….

            1. Too bad that the government here, though it brags about how great the economy is, can’t provide decent jobs for its workers, Rya. My wife spent years as an OFW in Singapore and Taiwan. Another sister-in-law has worked in Saudi and Kuwait for years, leaving her two kids with us. Three brother-in-laws are away for at least a year at a time working on fishing boats. Frankly, all I hear is lip service about job creation here while more and more politicians at all levels stuff their pockets with illegal PDAF funds that should have gone to the people. OFW remittances account for over 10% of the money this economy gets, without it, the economy would collapse.

              And let me add this: a local business in Guimaras has about a dozen workers and they are only paid 100 pesos a day, way below the minimum wage and they have no days off. To me, that’s slave labor, pure and simple.

  15. it’s the sad truth..our president always say that there are a lot of jobs and the percent of unemployed are lessen…it’s purely politics….they are the one who live a life of abundance with no sweat and the people below suffered.my bestfriend is working in manila for her child which she leaves here in her mother..she had too…..it is also practise here..there are big store here who pays their worker below minimum with no benefits though they have day off…when i was a fresh graduate..i worked in a rural bank..i earned 150 a day that’s okay with me but they did not follow that i should only work for 6months as non regular after that i will be regular..but i worked for a year then become a regular employee..i had to sacrifice coz it was that time that we lost our home..you know dave…the people who have a stable life here appreciate the beauty of this country.but more no longer stop and glance the beauty this country have coz of too much struggles..that’s why i dream of having a stable life for my family..coz i want my parents to feel happiness in their old days…we are happy but financial problems steal that away from us…sorry if i am so madrama..just need someone to talk too…thanks for the time and friendship dave..Godbless to u and ur wife

    1. It’s a sad situation in the Philippines for you and your family, Rya, and millions of other Filipinos. My own nieces worked at SM Department Stores and they only held five month contracts so the company would not have to pay them benefits if they were regular employees. That is a common practice for many companies here and it’s a shame. Meanwhile over 10 million Filipinos work overseas, separated from their loved ones, under harsh and dangerous conditions. It is, in my personal opinion, a tragedy and causes the breakdown of the family.

      Will anything be done about it? Frankly, I doubt it, at least not in the next two years. As long as the OFWs keep sending those remittances to prop up the economy, the government’s inadequate domestic employment programs will force more and more pinoys and pinays to go abroad where many are treated as second class citizens. It’s a disgrace.

  16. that’s why most settle for less for them to survive…working abroad is hard..even if your a degree holder you can’t be picky..even if you work way out your league that does not matter anymore as long as you earn for the family left at home…even me i graduated in a nice private school if i apply abroad domestic helper is alot easier to get a job…if you want other or office jobs there are age limitations etc..etc..and you have to spend a lot of thousand before you can get the job..and it’s truebthe rich become more richer and more powerful to corrupt…and millions of filipinos will drown in poverty.

    1. I know plenty of workers at SM City in nearby Iloilo that have college and nursing degrees. They can’t find work in their chosen field and have to settle for the five month contracts that SM and other employers offer. What a waste of talent and education, so sad.

  17. i have a friend when i worked in manila..they are nursing graduate but settle for a contractual job though the job we had was at PSbank but still under contract…imagine the cost of studying a nursing degree that’s so expensive here…even other courses but there is no good job for this graduates…so sad but have to deal with it….luckily that friend of mine married an american businessman that her mommy introduced to her…she is now in the US…and the other friend is working in an insurance company way out of hia league…that’s life dave…

    1. I have spoken to college graduates here, Rya, that are scooping ice cream at a McDonald’s kiosk. Now don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s but I doubt that the college courses covered serving ice cream at a fast food restaurant.

      Your friend was very fortunate. There are a ton of foreigners looking for a good mate, and they know that Filipinas are the cream of the crop. 🙂

  18. no i don;t misunderstood you..Filipinos are hardworking and give love to what they do…but sad to say what our parents spend for education are somehow worth nothing when finding a job…coz we end up settling for less..and the so called “whom you know” here is very much practiced.. and if you have somebody inside who will recommend you in..you have a greater chances of getting a good job…if you try the do me all thing..it will take some time for you to get the job…really hard coz it will drain your money…huh!

    1. “Whom you know,” a policy is that practiced back in the States, also, Rya. I had a few incompetent bosses back at my old job at AT&T that were simply hired because they were the relative of a boss already employed there. It’s called nepotism, of course, and it’s too bad that the really qualified people lose out on getting a good job.

      1. i also lost my chance at bdo when i was in manila because then people who said all those heresay are close to the officer in charge in accounting department where i used to work..yeah well that’s the cycle of life..you win some you lose some…it eas just a hurtful lost…

        1. Sorry to hear about those gossipers, Rya. Yes, that’s life and as I like to tell my niece and nephew, “There ain’t no way but the hard way get used to it,” a song from the group, Airbourne. It might sound harsh, but I don’t want them to think this life is always an easy one (it’s not for their Mom who is working as a Domestic Helper in Kuwait to help support the kids.)

  19. yeah she is…her mom find that man for her..her mom is in the US already for a long time…well she is now happily married to wonderful man…

  20. like a fairy tale…hehehehe…i read a blog of yours about the age gap thing…older man to younger filipina.well it’s a sad truth…the notion that foreigners have lots of money really struck the young girls mostly due to financial problem but there are foreigners who lost everything they have because of having a younger woman…i heared through a friend..there is this guy who had a gf muvh younger than he is and had a child…she has the atm of the guy and use it for her own luxury leaving his child to the guy to watch without even leaving some money for food..really sad…the other one i saw on tv..a guy met this woman in his country..a filipina..he married her and when they come here in the philippines he build a house for them and the girl’s family..but the girl cheat her and leave him..now he is in cebu selling some macarons on the street luckily he now found someone to take care of him..

    1. Yes, sometimes it’s a false notion, Rya, that we foreigners have a ton of money. Many of my wife’s relatives used to think I had ATM stamped on my forehead. I don’t. That said, I personally know of expats that have married ladies much younger than them, and it has worked out wonderfully for them both. Of course, some guys don’t take heed of the warning signs from a scammer and become enamored with the young lady before it’s too late. There’s plenty of cases of this as you noted, but as I mentioned, there are success stories also.

  21. Hehehe y0u’re right.m0st think like that ‘c0z of the value of d0llar towards peso.we can’t take that n0ti0n away to s0me…yeah the happy ever after st0ries are great and they lucky they f0und the pers0n made for them.that’s the j0urney i haven’t reach yet..

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