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Transportation costs for us in the Philippines have gone up as a result of a recent increase in the minimum jeepney fare effective today. The price for a jeepney ride will rise to P8 (18 cents) in Metro Manila, and will go to P7.50 (17 cents)  in Iloilo where we travel to go shopping. The rate had been P7 (16 cents.)  It looks like "The Kano" will have to dig a little deeper to pay for those rides across Iloilo, but with the taxicabs also granted a rate increase from the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) of the Philippines, it is still far cheaper for us to travel using public transportation and doesn't require us to own a vehicle in the Philippines.

According to a February 01, 2011 article in the Inquirer.net, “The provisional increase was granted because the board took judicial notice that the prices of goods have been going up, as well as the cost of maintaining jeepney operations, affecting the livelihood of operators,” LTFRB board member Manuel Iway said in an interview. I have to tell you that riding the jeepney is still a great bargain despite the extra penny it's going to cost for a ride, but it sure beats taking the taxi.

Incidentally, I just read where taxicabs operators in Iloilo City may be allowed to charge DOUBLE the rate for out-of-town fares. That's just outrageous and more  reason than ever to use the Meriam Transport from the Iloilo International Airport and not one of those cab services whose workers scream at you as you leave the airport.

How that extreme, overpriced charge is even being considered by the LTFRB is beyond me, but according to an article in the mb.com.ph Feb, 1,2011 edition,  the Association of Taxi Operators in Panay (ATOP) claimed they had three public meetings which cleared the way for the increase. However, the present LTFRB Regional Director Romulo Bernardez calls the proposed increase “unique and peculiar.” Seems the proposal was endorsed by his predecessor Porfirio Clavel last year.  Hmmm, I just have to wonder how Mr. Clavel was persuaded to approve such an increase? Hopefully, the obscene increase will  be denied.

8 thoughts on “Jeepney Price Hike in the Philippines is Going to Hurt!

  1. Wow Dave..17 cents to ride a jeepney?? I quess that adds up if you load the family into one of them jeepneys a there. You may have to get a carabou ( not sure how to spell that word ) I meant a Fillipio water buffalo. Then you can get a wagon made and a seat up front and head into town……opps…you have to ride a boat to get to the real world….so that a wrong idea…quess your gonna have to put the mother in law to work there…to make up the difference in the jeepney new costs.

  2. Oh..I see green on some of the words I type..I have noticed green before in some of the responces here..wonder what those are….does google snag certain words.

  3. lemme see….gas went up .16 cents per gallon overnite….jeepney .1 cent… v/s a gallon for 12 rides divided by the solar exodus divided by the stellar rotation squared by the dollar-peso luna cycle = a bargin still!!!

  4. …but then again this equation only works on days that end in a ‘y’, which coincidentally is the same days I am only allowed to drink.

  5. Only tricycles allowed here in Tagum City. The price for a ride has gone up from 8 to 9 pesos per person. The price of gas has really gone up so I don’t mind the extra charge. What really burns my butt (besides a fire waist high} is that now they want a full load before they take you anywhere. Many times Meriam has to take a single motor to get home from the store.

    1. Well Gary..that could be a long wait then if u have to wait for a full load…but as they say..its Fillipino time there…..so I quess you never know when you will get where you are going and never know when you will get back from where ever you did go to in the 1st place…

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