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Visted Dr. Jacobo in Iloilo City recently. My asawa has been complaining of some abdomen pain, and our new physician wrote an order for an ultrasound and a  blood test.  Advised us that the tests could be done at any healthcare clinic and told us the medical costs for the various evaluations should not be that costly. Decided to have the procedures done in our local province of Guimaras. My asawa knew a reliable doctor that had the necessary equipment. The larger city of Iloilo has more facilities and physicians available, but we felt we could save some money and avoid the usual transportation costs we have going there on the pump boat. The clinic on Guimaras Island was less than a 15 minute walk from our home.


In preparation for her ultrasound, my asawa is drinking some tubig (water) in the doctor’s office that adjoins the healthcare clinic in which she had a blood test done. The medical technician that drew her blood did an excellent job as it only took her one attempt for the procedure and The Sainted Patient Wife said it only felt “LIKE AN ANT BITE.” After what I had to endure at Great Saviour’s Hospital in Iloilo City when I had a kidney stone attack in early 2010, I was pleased to find some professionals in Guimaras that did a good job. It took five attempts from three techs and one doctor at Great Saviour’s without being to draw even one drop of blood from me.  I personally am going to try and utilize the local services available in our rural province more and not rely on taking the pump boat to our larger neighbor of Panay Island.

Centri Clinical Laboratory is the name of the healthcare clinic we went to. Located on 1st Street in San Miguel, Jordan, just next to a metal works shop and across from “The New Site,” our popular open market area in Guimaras. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Total cost for the various blood tests totaled 1220 pesos (28.76 US Dollars.) The fee for the ultrasound of my asawa’s lower abdomen was 1800 pesos (42.48 USD.) The doctor that performed the scan did not see any areas of concern (I was invited into the testing room, see photo below) aside from a extremely small kidney stone and advised my wife she needs to drink more tubig and that should care for it.


We had an appointment for the ultrasound that we had made the day before when the blood test was done, and were out of the healthcare clinic in about an hour. We returned after lunch and picked up the results we would give to Dr. Jacobo when we return to Iloilo City. Took a photo of some X-rays that were sitting out to pass the time until the doctor arrived. My asawa determined that there was a problem with the person’s ribs. Since she worked in the Medical Records department of a hospital back in Springfield, Illinois, which does not qualify her as a medical technician in any way, I just nodded my head anyway and agreed with her. You married guys out there know that sometimes that’s just the best thing to do. Nod your head and say “YES,  DEAR.” After over 11 years of marriage to my beautiful Filipina wife, I’ve learned a few lessons. But not all of them. Just ask my asawa.


3 thoughts on “Medical Costs at Healthcare Clinic on Guimaras Island

  1. Dave, sounds like you got things down pat there..”yes Dear” Oh, Dear is there any thing I can do to help you today Dear..Dear! I no you really work hard to make this a nice home to live in and I appreicate you so much Dear…Dear…Lets go out tonite..the drinks are on me….Honey!..Sounds like the Medical expenses there are what they were here 70 years ago Dave…great they are reasonable……and hope they stay that way…and hope your wife be doing fine soon…soon she be chasing you around the ranch there with her bolo…and that should be a strong sign she is doing fine…

  2. Dave,

    Hope all tests for your asawa turn out fine. Make sure you take care of your health so you can keep the good posts coming. Take care, be safe.

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