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The road crew in Guimaras, the island province in Western Visayas that my asawa and I reside, has been making excellent progress on highway improvements in our immediate area. It won’t be long until my spouse and I will be driving our new truck on  these new widened pathways making navigating the mango island much easier. And,  as a 62-year-old geezer, I’m all for making our own “pocket of paradise” more comfortable and less stressful.

a load of dirt used in guimaras road construction


But really, how stressful can things get for me? With the hiring of our new maid, Mera,  this past April, I have even less to do than ever before in the line of “chores.”  I don’t have to go outside during heavy rains and collect rainwater as I did when we lived in Savannah Subdivision, one of the portals to Hades in which we only had running water three times a week for maybe eight hours each of those days.


Mera and my asawaOur new helper, Mera, on the left, with my lovely asawa at “The Crossing” in Guimaras


Why Savannah is touted as one of the premier subdivisions in “The City of Love” is beyond my comprehension.  And please, don’t ask me why someone tagged Iloilo with that moniker. I guess ever since they lost the title of “Queen City of the South” to Cebu City, which richly deserves it, I suppose they had to call it something. Guess it’s better than “Armpit of Western  Visayas.”



getting around a tree trunk


But anyway, the road crew had some unique solutions to getting around  barriers Mother Nature might put in their path, as shown in the picture above. Instead of cutting down the tree, let’s cut out part of the road to make room for the tree, which was there first anyway.

Next up are sections of  metal  edging that are used as forms for the concrete. These go along the edge of the road and are later taken up and moved to a new segment of road that will get paved.  Later, mounds of dirt are placed on the road and shoveled in manually by the crew to fill in the gap on the highway’s edge.


edging used for forms





There are plenty of signs warning of deep excavations. You would have to be drunk on Red Horse beer to miss these, but somehow I suspect that the deep holes have claimed one or two victims that might be out at night since the main highway does not have any street lights and some morons riding motorcycles and trikes don’t even use their headlights at night.


DANGER excavation

One of the road construction crew members is putting a concrete finish near a segment of road along the business district in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras. Storm sewer pipes, seen in the photo after this,  will eventually be placed inside the walls that the worker is slapping the finish on. After the pipes are installed, the area is filled in with dirt, and concrete for a new sidewalk is poured.


doing a concrete finish


storm sewer pipes being used in guimaras


This is another shot of the road crew near The Shriven Hotel who mugged for the cameras as I was taking pictures.


construction crew in guimaras


I had to get close up to take the following photos until  I determined that I was getting in the way and didn’t really want a load of dirt to be dumped on me.  I appreciate the hard work these guys are doing in extreme conditions and for very little pay, 150 pesos a day, approximately 3.42 US Dollars. But the workers were extremely friendly and I heard cries of “Hey, Joe!” everywhere I went. Who says it isn’t more fun in the Philippines?


road construction in guimaras



bringing in the big guns




4 thoughts on “Road Crew in Guimaras, Western Visayas, Making Excellent Progress

  1. Dave,
    It gets me when you see the construction workers wearing flopflops on the job. Have you guys been getting alot of rain?We have, been so cool at night we’ve needed to cover up.

  2. dave,Ive been reading your post since last week from your older post (2012) till recently and I enjoyed reading it especially your lolo,we were there in raymen last april 2014 along with my family for a vacation & its my first time to be there in guimaras (im living in bacolod city and all my relatives are in iloilo,what an irony for a 40 yr old pinoy who did’nt set foot in guimaras until last april lol),guimaras is a paradise its amazing that you enjoyed there and your family.more power to your site dave.God bless

    1. http://checkinn.com.ph/rates.php
      Greetings Dave, hope this link is useful enough but I recommend Check inn pension arcade coz its clean,affordable & its in the middle of the city nearing manokan country & SM, theres a masskara festival this coming october hope you could check it out (same like manggahan festival),too bad im here in riyadh hopefully a mini tour with you guys in bacolod during masskara someday and have a beer,anyway bacolod is a small city than iloilo & its easy to track.Its amazing youre there in ozzfest?wow.I love Pantera its sad though that the guitarist was murdered last 2004 in ohio,Im into old school rock & metal by the way..its good that lolo is quiet & safe once again.I admire your patience & resiliency sir.:-)

  3. You’re welcome dave.Im looking forward for your new posts always enjoying it.Be safe there Dave and take it easy one at a time 🙂

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