Living Cheap, Living Well, Living with Roosters

[smartads]Thought it time for a bit lighter blog today. First of all thanks to my friend and fellow Bonehead, Jay Grim, from back home at Springfield, IL. for his recent comment on this blog. Jay was a fellow co-worker (if you want to call what we did work), and good guy. Also heard from another Springfield celebrity, Dave Bakke, columnist from the State Journal-Register in Springfield, IL.. Dave is going to do a story on Sainted Wife and Boss Melinda and I. Should be in this coming Sunday's paper. I love Dave Bakke's columns, always witty & interesting. Check out his stuff at http://www.sj-r.com/DSC

I mentioned in my first blog that I would give a breakdown on my budget here. There is a pretty good-sized group of people interested in moving to the Philippines. If you ever need or want more detailed info about life in the Philippines check out LivingInThePhilippines3. They have a lot of info on the Philippines, and are very helpful.

Let me just give you a general budget breakdown. First keep in mind that the house and property we live on is already paid for by my wife. Cannot own property in Philippines if you are foreigner (can lease) so we do not have any mortgage payment or rent. Also note that we are supporting a total of 7 people in this household. Also, thanks to Mr. Don Springer and his assistant Deborah at Edward Jones, where I have my retirement IRA. They are great to work with and are making money for us! If you need some financial advice, Mr. Springer can be reached (in Springfield, IL) at 217 789-7878. Here's a monthly breakdown (in approx USD) :

ELECTRIC $18 (2 fans, computer, TV, no air con yet)


LP Gas (to cook with) $12

TRANSPORTATION (have no vehicle, don't need one, use local transport) $25

FOOD (biggest expense, remember 7 people here, my wife & I make weekly trips to Iloilo & eat at Shakey's Pizza, McDonald's, etc., & shop at SM Supermarket along with local markets) $330

BROADBAN from Smart Bro: high speed, unlimited $20

LAUNDRY LADY salary $20

MISC. (food for the pig & chickens & rooster, money to relatives, etc.) $25


We are living comfortably, living well, and living with roosters. Come and visit some time.

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