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Healthcare Clinics in the Philippines: St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo Gets Major Upgrade

Healthcare clinics and hospitals in this archipelago should be an area of concern for any American expat or other foreigners living in the Philippines.  If you have any health issues before moving to any of the 7,107 islands on this paradise, it would be a good idea for you to research what facilities are available in the area you plan to move to. My asawa and I haven’t been to a doctor in Iloilo for over two years now, save for one visit last year my spouse made to a local EENT to fish out, well, a fish bone out of her throat.The Filipina Fishbone Fiasco

One reason we moved from my wife’s home province of Guimaras was because of the lack of medical care available on that mango province.  The provincial hospital, only minutes from our home,  does not begin to match the facilities available in the much larger city of  Iloilo where we now reside.

That’s not to say I would recommend all of the hospitals in Iloilo City. I wouldn’t. You won’t find me returning to  The Great Saviour International Hospital in Iloilo City, which is managed and operated by The Medical City, unless I’m unconscious and have no choice in the matter. 

While living in Guimaras I suffered a kidney stone attack one evening and was transported via jeepney and pump boat to Iloilo. A surgeon from the provincial hospital accompanied my wife and her sister and I to Great Saviour’s.

Despite five attempts from three different technicians and a doctor, no one was able to draw blood from me. Fortunately my ultrasound revealed small kidney stones that were reduced by medication and surgery wasn’t necessary. Despite that, the attending surgeon  from Guimaras charged me P5,000, 122 US Dollars.  Not bad, you might think?  The staff doctor at Saviour’s  fee was only P350,  8.56 USD, a standard charge for doctors in the Philippines.

We hadn’t signed up for PhilHealth yet. While it only cost us P2,000, around 50 USD,  for two year’s coverage for my asawa and I, it wasn’t something  I “had gotten around to” at the time of my kidney stone attack. Fortunately my Healthcare Reimbursement Account, HRA, covered all the expenses of that visit to Great Saviour’s. 

But I would highly recommend St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo City. An excellent healthcare facility with a highly competent staff. Only took their medical tech one attempt to draw blood from me there.

St. Paul's Hospital Iloilo City

(St. Paul’s Hospital, Photo source: Panoramio.com)

So when I read a recent online report from Inquirer Life Style, regarding the updating and modernization of the OR Complex at St. Paul’s, I wasn’t surprised. 

Located on the second floor of the main hospital building and occupying 1,500 sq m floor area, the OR Complex consists of five major theaters and two day surgical rooms (one for ophthalmic surgeries).

The operating theaters, which altogether occupy 850 sq m, have new operating tables that are electronically operated with LED overhead operating lights. Each room has centralized air-conditioning with hepa filters that cleanse the air of microbiological particles.

New OR St. Paul's Hospital Iloilo City

(Photo source:  Inquirer Life Style )

St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo also has the Laparoscopic Institute, which, Dr. Amado Lavalle, chair of the department of surgery, states, “has been doing outstanding performance in minimally invasive surgeries for almost six years now, since we installed the most advanced MIS machines in Panay.”

In my books, St. Paul’s Hospital is the premier healthcare facility in Iloilo City. We’ve also made a couple of visits to Doctor’s Hospital in Iloilo, and I would put them second on our list of the best hospitals on Panay Island.

My asawa and I have both been in good health and though I spend a great deal of time sitting at my chair behind the computer at Philippines Plus HQ, I do take a brisk one hour walk in the early morning. I’ve cut down on my soda and red meat consumption as I’m trying to eat healthier. But it’s reassuring to know that the healthcare facilities are being modernized. Just one more perk of living in “paradise.”

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  1. Dave,
    It’s reassuring to know St Paul’s is available if needed. I too try to eat a healthy diet and exercise daily now that I have nothing but time to do anything I want. Take care and getting excited about getting there.

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