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I’m  a simple man. I like my beer cold. And I like to drink in pleasant surroundings with a fan blowing a cool breeze on my fat face. I can have all of that and more, at the brand new Shirven Hotel in Guimaras, our mango island home province. 

Now regular readers of Philippines Plus might recall past articles I’ve written about The Shirven located in beautiful San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, on the way to the Raymen Beach Resort in Nueva Valencia. But why the “brand new” moniker? This beautiful hotel, with undoubtedly some of the best rooms on the island, has been at their location for years.

Well, owner Joy Shirven, along with her partner, the ever likable Dave,  have been busy revamping the hotel and the menu. Their new manager, Michelle, has been branding the hotel as a “unique hotel at a most desirable and affordable price.

A superior room for one to two people comes with a free breakfast and has a queen-sized bed, air con, cable TV, a HOT shower and bath tub for only 1,900. My asawa and I have stayed in one of these rooms and I can assure you they are well worth the price. Don’t want breakfast? Knock 200 pesos off the price.

A deluxe room has two full-sized beds and also comes with a free breakfast. It, too, has air conditioning, cable TV, and a hot shower and tub. For only 1,700 pesos, it’s a bargain. Again, take 200 pesos off the price if you don’t want breakfast.

Are you a back packer or perhaps looking for a less expensive room? Try The Shirven Hotel’s Garden Room. Only 800 pesos overnight for air con and 500 pesos overnight for a fan. Want an even shorter stay? You can rent an air con room for 3 hours at 450 pesos or fan room for 3 hours at 250 pesos.20150401_141645

I can say without reservation that The Shirven Hotel serves the best fish and chips in Guimaras, if not the whole of the Philippines. But don’t take my word for it. I’ve heard this straight from the mouth of a man born in the U.K. If anyone should know fish and chips, it’s a Brit, right?


Why not take advantage of The Shirven’s new Happy Hour promotion? Your group can order five cold beers and get one free. What’s better than a free cold beer on a hot summer’s day?

I don’t need some fancy, overpriced import beers. Remember, I’m a simple man. I can buy a frosty bottle of San Miguel Light for 45 pesos. Some places in our region charge 50 pesos, some a little less. But they can’t match the ambiance and comfort of The Shirven Hotel in Guimaras.

You will find yours truly at The Shirven every Wednesday around 3 pm. I meet with other expats in the area and we quaff a few cold ones and spread around a lot of B.S. Why not come and join us some time. The new management and staff are quite friendly and have been instructed to serve us the coldest beer possible. What more could you want?

I often take my asawa to dinner on Friday nights at The Shirven, which is without question, the best venue for any expats or locals in the area. In fact, we’re heading out there tomorrow, Good Friday, for dinner and drinks with other expats.

So if you haven’t been to The Shirven Hotel in awhile, why not pay it a return visit? If you’re a simple man (or woman),  like me, I don’t think you could go wrong.

Update: Had a great fish and chips dinner at The Shirven Hotel in Guimaras this past Friday. Met some new expat friends and had a good time. You can’t beat their Happy Hour Promo. Nothing like having a cold, free beer.

4 thoughts on “The Brand New Shirven Hotel in Guimaras

  1. Hi Dave the shirven hotel looks good fish and chips cold beer sounds like a Brits dream,I wouldn’t mind going
    There for a few days this year sometime not much doing in Manila hardly any traffic every body gone back to their
    Province,your house looks good better get the roof on looks like rain later in the week,Derek in sunny pasig.

  2. Its nice to see there are more leisure developments and improvements in Guimaras particularly for the expat community. we also have a place nearby in Guimaras, We’ll have to come down to the Shirven and see you all sometime!

  3. Hey Dave …just read your write up on Shirven Hotel..fantastic articular. I have stayed there also with my wife in the queen size room….I just did not like the mattress…It feels cold and clamy and is some type of soft body shaping foam….I am a large person and it is hard to get out of the cavity your body creates. Oh yes fish and chips is great there that was one of the reasons we wanted to stay there. Plan to be back for the mango festival again this year….May be try out a new place for sleeping…I am adventurous.

    P.S. I thought that the festival runs for a full month….in your statement you say May 11 to May 22. which is the correct time for it. Chow for now but will be watching your posts.

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