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In Spite of Travel Warnings, is it Still Safe to Move to the Philippines?

stunning sunset at boracay

“In Spite of Travel Warnings, is it Still Safe to Move to the Philippines? “ Thirty-seven people were killed in a Manila casino this past Friday. A lone masked gunman walked straight into the building, past a lone security guard who panicked when she saw the suspect’s assault rifle. The victims are thought to have died of smoke inhalation. None of them appear to have been shot.

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I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan

the guimaras swat team

Decades ago I was in the United States Air Force military police. Maybe that’s why I always make it a point to be sociable to peace officers no matter where I’m at but especially in the Philippines. I’ve met quite a few friendly police men and security guards in nearby Iloilo on Panay Island and on our own island province. So I guess it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to my readers when I post a title such as the one above: “I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan.”

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The Brand New Shirven Hotel in Guimaras

Great rooms at The Shirven Hotel in Guimaras

I’m  a simple man. I like my beer cold. And I like to drink in pleasant surroundings with a fan blowing a cool breeze on my fat face. I can have all of that and more, at the brand new Shirven Hotel in Guimaras, our mango island home province. 

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New Year. New Property. We Purchase Another Lot in the Philippines

My lovely asawa at our new property site in the Philippines

New Year. New property. We purchase another lot in Guimaras, the Philippines, our home for the past five years. My asawa and I both wanted to add to the 7,020 square meters we already own and where we are building our new home. The land, purchased from the brother of the man that we bought our original lot from, is adjacent to our existing lot. The additional lot, 5,478 square meters, will give us a total of 12, 498 square meters, or 1.25 hectares, a little over 3 acres.

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Manggahan Festival Adventures with the Tom Cat

No series of articles about the Manggahan Festival, held last April in Guimaras, the sweet mango province, would be complete without a post that featured my American expat friend, The Tom Cat, aka “Brother Tom.”  Tom, a bona fide Renaissance Man,    is dating LenLen,  one of my asawa’s countless relatives in the Philippines. 

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

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