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A recent post on Filipino Time drew some comments which gave some good advice on meeting and dating Filipinas in the Philippines.

I’ve recently starting running advertisements for Cherry Blossoms and one of my nieces living with us, Michelle, soon to be 19 (far left, next to a classmate, sister April is on the right), has been corresponding with some guys there. Michelle

Cherry Blossoms was started over 35 years ago as a picture personals magazine. In 1995, their magazine gave way to a terrific website where men and women could easily publish their photos and personal ads.

Well over a hundred thousand couples have successfully met and found true love through their service. Currently, over seventy five thousand (75,000+) friendly men and women from all races, backgrounds, countries and cultures are actively searching for someone special on their website.

Cherry Blossoms is NOT a Mail Order Bride service.

Their goal is to provide a safe platform for people from all walks of life to place their personal ads and meet for fun, friendship and romance. 

The dating website provides their members with an opportunity to connect online by email, chat and instant messenger, so they can get to know one another without risking their privacy or exposing confidential information. 

I have had some previous input from readers that met their Filipina spouse on the Cherry Blossoms website. If you would like to share your experiences, please leave a comment, whether good or bad. I do earn a commission from anyone that signs up for their dating membership, but want to present my readers with all information concerning the site, whether positive or negative. Thanks! 


57 thoughts on “Find Your Special Filipina on Cherry Blossoms

  1. I guess the old concept of Mail Order Brides is still the same, but these days, it’s more politically correct to call them dating sites. I used to tease my asawa that “I was too kuripot (stingey) to order a mail order bride so I personally went to the Philippines to get you and saved a bunch on postage!” I just get the look! 😯

  2. Cherry Blossoms is how i met my wife. First day i posted my profile i had over 100 messages from women. Lot of scammers on there so be careful. even with all the scammers still a good site.

  3. My husband and I met on Cherry Blossoms. We have been married for seven years now. We are currently living here in the US but are planning to move to the Philippines in the not too distant future.

    1. It was really crazy, Dave. I had prayed that I wanted to meet a tall engineer from the US who was older and much less likely to stray after other younger women. Most important though was that he must be a strongly committed Christian. This engineer from Minnesota fit my profile perfectly but I was too shy to contact him and never really thought that he would contact me. The next day, I checked my emails and got a message from that very same guy. I couldn’t believe it! ;-).

      The Cherry Blossoms had search parameters which included age, religion, education and profession. It was then that he specified that the website began sending him profiles of any new engineers that signed up. It was only a few days later that he received my profile and decided to respond. Though I was younger and shorter (I’m 4′10 and he’s 6′4) than what he had listed as search parameters prior, when deciding to search for engineers he also broadened his parameters that would have previously filtered me out. Somehow, almost miraculously, through the tightest of time frames and broadest of choices we had somehow found each other.

      After replying to his email, I immediately got kicked off from that dating site because I gave him my personal contact information which was against their rules. Fortunately I already had his direct email address and he had mine. He sent me some money the very first week. I was surprised and I didn’t know why and what for. My mother even commented that he might be a drug dealer or some sort. He said that it was for my internet expenses. On the first Sunday, only seven days after our first communications, I went to church. Well, actually when I was still in the Philippines every Sunday I went to church. Before the service, I began to pray and became convinced that he was the one for me. I was sure that he was the one that I wanted to marry. I didn’t know why but I felt at ease with him and trusted him almost immediately.

      To make a long story short, three months later after we first corresponded with each other online, we got married.

      By the way, my two younger sisters also met their husbands on Cherry Blossoms.

  4. I too met my gf on Cherry Blossoms. I received 100 emails and smiles the first day, same the second and the third, etc. Yes, there are plenty of girls on there you do not want but many sweet ones you do. Of course I am no longer active there, but I have several friends from my CB days, all of whom found Western bfs and fiancees.

    As to the look – it must be universal. I get it from my gf also.

  5. I highly recommend Cherry Blossoms. I met my first fiance on that site and many terrific women. In the end run my ex-fiance and I breaking up had NOTHING to do with CB.

    I met my present fiance, the best women by far I have ever known and the love of my life, on CB. She is an angel if there are such things.

    Cherry Blossoms has many many terrific woman. There are some scammers but they are so easy for me to spot.

    Follow some simple rules and you will avoid most scammers easily.

    1. The cam must get turned on.
    2. Ask tough questions, they might not like it but you need to know certain things.
    3. If they start asking for money, no matter what the need, get rid of them. Very few quality filipinas will start asking for money.
    4. Let them know you are serious and expect them to be serious.
    5. Don’t get stuck on just one the first day. Meet many and then chat and go from there.

    I have many many friends with filipinas. None of us have EVER had an issue with finding a great gal by using the above advice.

    Not everyone will agree with me but I STRONGLY think that filipinas, on average, make the best girlfriends and wives out of any women I have ever met.

    They are very loving, caring, supportive, and some of the most beautiful women in the world. Those that think they are “passive and let men run them over”…well you really don’t know a true filipina. They can be as fiesty as any woman around…but they are truly special.

    Cherry Blossoms is loaded with terrific filipinas, just use your big head and not your small head and you will be fine.

    It is near impossible to not be able to find a terrific women in the filipines…and in almost all cases it is easy.

    1. Great post and summary of Cherry Blossoms, Todd.

      You had me completely till the end where you said “just use your big head and not your small head…”

      Is it OK if I use my small head – just a little bit 🙂

    2. And as time goes by, they just “refine” the look. Some have been known to produce steam from the ears or laser beams from the eyes. 🙂

      1. Ask questions that pry into every nook and cranny of their lives! Ask about her parents…do they work…what do they do? How many siblings…do they work…what do each of them do?
        Do you have children? How many?
        HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MARRIED????Where/what do you live in? Who supports you NOW? Education/grades/career plans etc. Do’t be afraid to put them on the spot. Besides, you have to look at it as an interview of sorts because in reality, that’s what is is. Dig as deep as you can. Let no question you may have go unanswered. Some things they will skirt the issue on but you have to keep digging. Many times, they will tell you what THEY think YOU want to hear and it can be a simple distortion of the truth or can be very far from it. Most times, they are not lies of evil deception, but more like white lies out of necessity and desperation to land their catch. For a young Filipina to land a foreigner…well, it’s the equivalent of winning the lotto! Just proceed slowly and with caution and you will figure it all out. It’s just More Fun Dating in the Philippines! 😉

  6. I want to comment on one more thing. I am just an average guy, but when I was on CB I got over 1700 responses. It was almost crazy.

    My profile had humor and explained exactly what I was looking for.

    Also, one way to get a lot of responses is to send a lot of smiles. If you like the profile then send a smile and if they respond, and they will, then get them on cam and go from there.

    Be interesting, be funny, and show interest in their culture. And please don’t be one of those jerks. You know, the type of guy that starts asking for clothes to come off. That is disgraceful.

    I have talked to many filipinas who told me Americans were the worse for asking that. Just pathetic.

  7. Dave,
    Another good site is DIA. Not alot of scammers or ladyboys. They do a good job of weeding them out. Finally met my G/F Anne there after 3 try’s. She is the real deal. She is looking forward to meeting you and Melinda. Your niece Michelle should have no problem meeting someone. She is very pretty girl with a good head on her shoulder. With Tito Dave watching over her shoulders, she should not have any problem finding a decent guy. Take care my friend.

    1. Interesting info on DIA, PapaDuck. I did an article on their site quite a while back. Here’s the link. At the time of my article, I saw a lot of ladyboys along with scammers using photos of Filipina celebrities. Good to know that they are policing the site better now. Third time’s charm, huh? Glad you found a good one. There’s plenty of them out there. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment regarding, Michelle. She’s a good kid along with her sister, April. I’m glad they’re with us now.

  8. Randall, it seems more and more people are “disconnected” these days. I just stay within my circle of good friends and try not to let anything bother me anymore. In my upper 50’s, I have adapted to the point where I have very little tolerance for ignorance I will probably have to re-align my entire thought process once I arrive back in the RP. Now… I wish I had done the mail order bride thing…I could then do a “Return to Sender” and save some airfare! 😆

    1. Oh no, don’t get me wrong…she’s a keeper. I was just making light of no return postage for her when WE return (me being the sender). I know what I think I said! Time for a beer 😉

      1. Well, without a handi little sari sari store, it’ll have to be chilled red wine because I just don’t feel like driving to the store. Life’s a real beach here, most of the time.

  9. I also met my wife through Cherry Blossoms, “a single blossom” as they used to say. That was in ’97 when I had to purchase her address and actually write a letter. Imagine trying to purchase a thousand contacts and write a thousand letters! One had to scrutinize the magazine’s bio’s and photos carefully and choose a select few girls to write to. As it turned out, Vilma was the first and best reply I received, so we became pen pals for a year before I went to visit her. Mail order bride? More or less, and proud of it! My next door neighbor actually made a derogatory remark, and I said, “Yes, and look! She’s younger and prettier than your wife!”

  10. Dave, my wife and I also met on CB, really great site! They also answered questions for free when I was working on the Fiancee visa, so I think highly of them. Like any online thing you have to be careful, see the person you are chatting with on web cam. Of course you will encounter scammers, I found them easy to spot. Also one must be careful not to become addicted to this activity, here is what I mean: You go onto CB and meet several young ladies that are strikingly beautiful, smart and want to make you the center of their universe. Then you meet them in person, shock and awe hits you, pretty soon you are on the long plane ride home not thinking you found the love of your life but rather thinking about planning another trip, finding new girls on CB. This may sound rude or even funny to some but I have seen this happen. Email. If you are serious about finding “Mrs Right” I consider email the best tool. Sure you can chat, skype, talk on the phone etc. but I found email the best tool to 1) weed out girls looking for an ATM and 2) get to know the girl from the inside out. When I am looking at the web cam of a girl whom Victoria’s Secret has not yet discovered, by brain doesn’t work right. Of course nothing can replace time together, dinner dates, meeting her family etc.. One last thing: Don’t plan on corresponding for 6 months or a year, sign up to CB about 5 weeks before you go, that is plenty of time.. Ok, that is my 2 cents..

    1. Lee, you’re right. One should remove the rose colored glasses if they’re relying on webcam’s and videos to help them over the decision making hump. I believe email is the best way to go and with occasional voice communicatons.

      1. OTOH, Lee and Randy, I find it so different when I get to see the woman’s reaction on the cam. So often the words alone do not convey the same meaning and humor that watching her expressions do.

        OK, that and I like to see her cute face and form on the cam.

  11. I have a friend that I played baseball with in an adult amateur league. He came to our last game of the year in 2007 and said he be gone for a month because he was going to the Philippines to pick up his wife. The next season started and he showed up at our first practice with this beautiful Filipina. I was like “holy s**t, does she have any sisters?” He said “no, but she has a best friend that is single.” After talking to this girl for 8 months I decided to go meet her in the Philippines. We’d spend a week in Boracay and a few days in Manila. After a few days in Boracay, I realized I was with the wrong woman… after an evening where we went to dinner and I had 2 beers with my meal, and then on the next night I ordered a beer with my meal, she asked me “oh you’ll drink beer again?” …. lol… I said “sweetheart I’m on vacation, you’re lucky this is all I’m drinking!” …. But I noticed myself enjoying the stares of the many beautiful Filipinas on Boracay and knew that if I was there with the right woman I would be in Heaven. So I informed her that I would not be pursuing a relationship with her after this vacation. She freaked, but I knew that I wasn’t with “the one”, but I had fell in love with the culture and the women and knew that this was where my future lay.

    I got back to the States and discovered a website filipinaheart.com, which I believe is now filipinocupid.com. I ran an add. I got over 100 hits in the first weekend. 700 total in the one month that I was a member. I was overwhelmed. It was like a full time job replying to these women. I became very selective. I narrowed the 700 down to 120 that I was really attracted to. From that 120 I narrowed it down to 20 or so that didn’t have children, and certain other criteria – I mean I was looking for reasons to dismiss some girls. There were too many to keep up with, but anyway, in my infinite wisdom I decided to narrow it down to 5 girls and fly there and meet them all. I had my first 4 down. I wasn’t just going by looks, but they were all beautiful. I was trying to go by personality too. They were all in Cebu and Luzon, so I could get away with minimal flights. Had it all planned out. Then one day I get a message from a girl in Mindanao asking me if my profile pic was from Boracay. I said yes it was. She assumed I had already met my future asawa on a trip to Boracay and we just talked for hours, chatting, no video. Then in the conversation I informed her that I was still looking for “the one”. We eventually started web chatting. It was weird that it took over 2 hours for us to even think of video chatting, we were having such a great conversation. I knew she would be one of the 5 that I would meet. As time went by, I started only talking to her. The other 4 girls were out. My great plan of meeting 5 different Filipinas was out the window. I knew I would go there and ask Joyce to marry me. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl that I talked to, although she is definitely gorgeous, but she was the one I enjoyed talking to the most.

    2 Years of marriage and a beautiful baby boy later, I know I made the right decision.

    I did test her on several occassions. Making sure she wasn’t looking for money or a ticket to the US. I made it painfully obvious that I wasn’t rich and actually floated the idea of me moving to the Philippines instead of her coming here to the US. She never waivered. I knew I had the right girl.

    Best of luck to any of you guys looking for a Filipina. Mine is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. But do your due diligence. Don’t tell them how rich you are or how great your life is. Talk it down a bit and when you have the chance to go there and meet them, immerse yourself in the culture. Stay at their families house. Eat the food. Sweat your ass off in their non-air conditioned house. Live the life of a Filipino while your there. You’ll get an appreciation of how her life has been and you’ll gain not only wisdom but the appreciation and respect of her family. You’re not better than them. You are at best equal because they have been through more than you can imagine. Respect that and they’ll respect and appreciate you in return.

    1. Thanks Dave. I wish I would’ve thought of submitting it as a guest post. Honestly I was just sitting in the yard drinking a few beers and just started typing. Although that was the abridged version; left a lot of details out.

      Since I had just flown there on my Boracay vacation 6 months earlier, I didn’t have the money to fly there again. God stepped in and my house was hit by a tornado! I got $4800 for damages. Fixed everything myself and used that money to fly to meet Joyce. Definitely some Divine Intervention going on there.

      I still keep in touch with some of the girls that were on my final top 5 list. One just got married to a guy from California. I was very happy for her. Another is in a good relationship with a Filipino.

      Money was definitely the reason for the top 5 list. I couldn’t see flying accross the planet and wasting all of that money (and vacation time) again and not meet the right girl.

      I guess I always been a woman man, not much of a player – too big of a conscience. I can imagine it would have been a very interesting trip though!!! …lol

      …and besides my wife has told me on several occassions that if I had flown there to meet 4 other girls, she would have sent me packing!!!

  12. Meet my wife there in 2008 and happy married up to now but before i got scam and there are still a lots of scammers. A scammer sending hundred and hundred smile can catch hundred of man that can send her money even if CB remove the profile after few days the scammers doesn’t care because she is already chatting with her personal messanger and they do make a lots of money. And they go back again with an other profile and do the game over and over for years and years. The only dating site know as scammer free is: datingmore but on cb they really don’t remove all of them,,,Maybe it was a nice place but suppose i have to look for a wife again it will definitivly not be a good place to go..Scammers has to be remove before not after a complain and taking 24 to 72 hours it is too long they can make a lots of dammage. When someone is reported as a scammer the site should have a special place where to post them with their picture and saying this person has been reported as a scammer and they should send an e-mail to all the person the scammer was connect to. When a member use a lots of different names under different member number so something is wrong…When someone is asking money to fix her paper but never do…the secret is: never send money to someone you meet only internet what ever the reason is. If you want to post a scammer story just go on dragonladies dot org and there you will get the best advices.

  13. Dave you already know I met my wife in a Yahoo chat room. If you’re not familiar with that it’s like a big chat free for all.
    I had broken up with my ex- after 12 years of belittling, lol. I used to hear the ‘Mail Order Bride’ cracks even then. She was Chinese and 12 years younger than me. She was the hostess in a Chinese restaurant I went to every Friday and we hit it off. So after many arguments generally centered around money and religion I couldn’t take it anymore gave the ex- the boot.
    I’m not the worlds best looking male specimen and American girls usually passed me over literally. I’ve always been drawn to Asian women, not sure why but I find them more interesting than American woman. The fact that I was usually taller than them was a bonus too!
    Feeling lonely I started trolling the web to see if I could meet any one interesting in my area. I had considered Cherry Blossoms but never actually tried it. Lots of bad websites and several scary women later I found myself in this Yahoo chat room. People talked about relationships and had all kinds of discussions. Cheryl would always have a wisecrack ready and I had a sarcastic reply or two to lend. We started chatting on Yahoo Messenger within a few weeks and I was stunned to see this beautiful Filipina peering at me through her web cam. I was afraid to turn my cam on at that point, lol. I might scare her away! She was from a poor family working in the city and sending money back to the province. She had been stung by an unfaithful Pinoy boyfriend and wasn’t really looking for anything in particular except maybe someone to talk to. I was instantly attracted to her I was cautious because I had heard so much about Filipina scammers and I was significantly older than her. We got to know each other and chatted pretty much everyday for the next couple of years, sometimes for hours on end. Eventually I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me and now five years later we are married with a beautiful little boy. We get the looks because I’m old enough to be her father and we both resent it a bit. I’m not worried about it though because we’re happy and that’s all that really matters.
    There now I’ve shared too much, hehe.

    1. I believe the looks you get are worse here in the states. My asawa and I are only 5 years apart but at 50+ she still gets carded for beer and I get senior citizen discounts at local restaurants. We have turned many a head over the years. I just love the way Filipinas age so gracefully. 😉

      1. It was bad with the ex- sometimes because people see a short, balding portly guy like myself and assume the worst. I can only imagine what it will be like with Cheryl in the US. People in the Philippines are a little more accepting of age differences like ours but we get the looks there too.

  14. Is this a record number of comments 65..um ..now 66.Just mention dating and post a photo of 3 beautiful chicks …wala . A few mentions about scamming filipina in dating sites but i would like to relate a short story from the other side of the coin .A friend of my wife name is Grace ,42 years old , single,a teacher . Early this year Grace began to chat a guy in the UK.After a few months they became very sweet ..he seemed like a sincere guy .He told her he could sponsor here to the UK as his best friend works in the UK Immigration Dept and he could guarantee a job as a tutor teacher but Grace would have to fund some of the application costs and her now online bf would assist .Over the next few months Grace scrounged from family and borrowed from friends and sent a total of p33,500 while being promised by her guy that the visa application would be approved very soon .Eventually she realized she was being scammed .Last month she went to dubai on a 2 year contract as a domestic helper to repay her debts …………If you have never been blindly in love then feel free to judge and criticize the poor girl for her stupidity .BTW….The UK charmer is….. WILLIAM COLE….I have since done some research and his name popped up in a Fil-Uk site.He is a known scammer .Let your beautiful niece beware Dave .

  15. I made an account about 9 hours ago and I already have 12 emails and a similar number of smiles. I got an email saying that I had over 31000 (not a typo) matches. It’s a bit overwhelming with the number of profiles on there but I guess there are worse complaints to have. LOL

    1. Get ready, Steve. You’ve only just scratched the surface. 100/day is not uncommon. Pretty soon you will figure out what types of women you are interested in and start to choose. It’s the only want to remain sane, since most of them look so cute. So start qualifying women based on education, age, smoker, drinker, kids, etc. The Cherry Blossoms preferences will even allow you to only receive emails from women who meet your criteria. Therefore, if you select an age range of say 23-40, you will not be tempted by the 18 year olds who will email you – and they will BTW.

      More importantly I would encourage you to not just view the women who contacted you, but contact women who seem to most completely meet your interests. For many men, for the first time, you will be the selector!

      Have fun!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I set up a search manager to make things a little more manageable. Lots of cuties. A few are a little too pretty if that makes sense.

    2. Thanks Dave. I have also run into a few filipinas on here that I saw on another site so I am reconnecting with a few. If all goes well, I’ll throw a party for the Philipines Plus readers.

  16. wonder why its called ..CHERRY BLOSSOMS …Havn,t seen too many cherry trees in the Phils …in Japan maybe …but in the Philippines ??

  17. I don’t know if anyone is still reading the combox but if you want to meet a Filipina, Cherry Blossoms is the place. If you write a decent a profile and put a nice picture of yourself on there, you will get bombarded with views. While some of the lovely ladies dont have to say much beyond ‘hi’, the vast majority have neen very articulate and sincere.

    A nice profile with good clear picture is very much appreciated by the ladies. Several have commented that they were tired of seeing men flex the muscles, etc in their pictures.

    Of course these comments are only based on 72 hours experience. YMMV

  18. I would like to offer some advise to you guys searching a filipina wife online .Now..I dont pretent to know it all…but ..this aint my first rodeo either .I married my first wife ,,a filipina in 1983..married 15 years then single 12years …and now I’m married to the most wonderful filipina in the world .Now the advise ……..Number 1 ..Dont talk of love or commitment online {.crazy} ..would you declare your love to a woman in your home country without even meeting her …..just get to know each other and become good friends …Number 2 ..NOW LISTEN CAREFULY .You are not marrying only the girl ..you are marrying into her family . I dont care if she is the most beautiful woman in creation with legs up to her armpits .If you do not love and respect her family and likewise then you will have problems my friend. …the culture is strong …look at her preferences in blossoms ..number 1 .FAMILY ……..I dont care if you move 3 hours away or 300 hours away .After 2 years …5 years ….when you have that big argument then you will realize what i am talking about .

  19. Dave,
    My two sence on filipina beauties. When i met my lovely asawa, there was no internet, and cell phones were only in star trek or buck rogers movies, so our communication was through letters and phone calls on certain days and times. No one had phones there back then except maybe the local super size sari sari store otherwise known as the SSS. So when i called the wife, had to let her know in a letter one month in advance so she could travel to the local SSS on the date and time specified. I would get about 40 bucks in quarters and find a phone booth with an actual working pay-phone(probably At&T) :-). And after a gazillion dollars in quarters, a few months of waiting on embassy paperwork she finally made to the states. Now after, 39 years of marriage, she looks even more beautiful than when i married her and couldn’t imagine life without her. Next year we’ll be going to back to her home town in cavite to celebrate our 40 year anniversary. I couldn’t have ask for a better life than the one i’ve had with my beautiful, kind, loving asawa ….

  20. Dave,
    I have two(2) single nieces there in Cavite that are smokin hot good lookin and interested in a lasting relationship. I’ve known them all their lives and their both pretty simple straight forward girls. They are new to anything like Cherry Blossoms and ask if they have to pay to join. I told them I would inquire and let them know. Do the ladies have to pay or only the guys?

  21. I met my wife on filipinaheart I think it is called filipinocupid.com now. We video chatted for 1 year every day for about 4 hours before I was certain she was real and not a scammer. My wife could be a super model so I was very skeptical as to her intentions but now after 5 years of marriage and 2 beautiful kids all is good. Lots of scammers, fat women, old women, etc on those dating sites. My wife is 16 years younger than me (we met when she was 19) but we get along great. I would estimate that 95% of the women on those dating sites are either liars or scammers or just to fat or old to date but the 5% that are honest, attractive and true, it is a great find.

  22. 95% are liars and scammers!!!??? That is a totally absurd statement. There are not many guys on this planet that have more experience with these dating sites and meeting filipinas than I have. I could write a book on how to get a great filipina wife…and it would be about six paragraphs. It is not difficult at all. I could tell you where to go, how to act, what to say, and how to deal with their families. Filipinas are not complicated…just remember that.

    The problem with so many guys is they soon realize they have a shot with a woman in the filipines that they have NO shot with in their home country. They lose perspective so fast, they think with the wrong head.

    It is sooooooooo easy to see the scammers. Honestly, if a guy gets scammed it is almost all his fault. They should use some basic common sense.

    Many of my friends have met their wives on the dating sites, they used some BASIC common sense and had no issues.

    One other thing…many guys fall for the first attractive woman that shows them attention. That is really not the way to go. Talk to many of them…ask them tough tough questions. If they say something that does not ring true…call them on it.

    Get them on CAM immediately. If they ask for money…get rid of them!

    I just got back from the Philippines after spending two and a half months there. I mainly stayed in Makati, Manila. One place a guy can look, and it goes against ALL conventional wisdom, is in the bars!! Yes, the bars.

    I have many many many women friends in the bars and, no, it is not because they want money from me. These women are some of the nicest women I have EVER met ANYWHERE. You have to be a bit more careful with a bargirl, but there are lots of gems there. Just use common sense.

    To say that 95% are scammers is just totally off base and wrong. And this is from a guy that has been around the filipina block in the last eight years many time with women from the deep provinces, women from Manila, and women from somewhere in between. There is not a lot of difference in filipinas in the Filipines. Most would make a GREAT wife or gf and many times with looks that the average guy has no chance with in their country.

  23. Dave, I tried to contact you when I was in the Philippines but I guess you did not get my emails. I really wanted to visit you. I am making a serious effort to move to Iloilo in the next six months or so.

    I left the Philippines on Valentine’s Day and I have been severely depressed every since. I truly love the Philippines. I just have to get someone to run my business here while I can be in the Philippines for…let’s say three months on, one month off.

    I have done a lot of research on Iloilo and I have some American clients that live there part time…they really like it.

    I was in the Marine Corps and I can honestly say that feeling like I am being forced to leave the Philippines is the toughest thing I have ever done. Tougher than Marine Corp boot camp. I truly love the people and the culture. Of course there are some things that drive me a bit crazy…but I just take a deep breath and live with it. I am certainly not going to change things there.

    As far as the women…I have talked to thousands of men in my travels to the Philippines. Men from all over the world. I do not think I have met one that does NOT rave about filipinas. Let’s get real…they are women and we will NEVER completely understand them. But filipinas are special. I sing that from the mountain tops. If a guy is single and does not get here to find out for himself he is really really missing out on something special.

    I plan to be in Ililo within six months. I would surely love to visit you and the darn good looking wife you have.

    Dave, keep writing about your daily experiences…I, and many others, really like to read them.

  24. Want to find a nice girl here in the Philippines? Look in church and then have Bob Martin’s PI service check her out. Even if you meet them in person you really don’t know who they are…

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