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Nita Negrita, a new Philippines television drama on GMA,  is a blatantly racist show where the lead, Barbie Forteza (shown without  blackface  in photo below), undergoes 1 1/2 hours of makeup daily to put on what is essentially Philippines blackface. The program manager, Regine Alba, states the makeup is applied to exaggerate Barbie’s skin to emphasize that her character is of African-American descent. What a total load of CRAP!


Barbie Forteza, photo from GMA Network

Regular readers of PhilippinesPlus.com know that this is not a politically correct site. Come on! Just check out the voluptuous videos of Fil-Am Weather Girl, Elita Loresca (and the fact I use the term “weather girl.”) But I personally find this show offensive and I’m a white-skinned, Kano redneck. Well, check out the video and see what you think. I first came across this show when I saw full page ads for this drama displayed in newspapers in the Philippines. Sometimes living in the Philippines is like taking a time machine and going back 50 years to life in America. I just don’t get it.

nita negrita


77 thoughts on “Racist TV Show Nita Negrita has Philippines Blackface!

  1. Strange Dave…..but then seems some strange things there..Like those Fillipinas that don every thing under the sun to try and be white. This is how ever 1st time I have seen where they are trying to be black…

  2. I grew up in Kansas. Remember Brown vs the school board? That was in Kansas. Kansas came into the union as a free state but that was in name only. Blacks were not allowed to be inside the city limits after dark. I would get into some terrible fights with my mom and dad over race. They both didn’t think that blacks were human but were monkeys.

    Even here if you are dark they say things behind your back. If a man has the name “boy” I refuse to call him by that name. If they only knew where that name came from they would not be so proud to name their children “BOY.”

    1. The 1st time I saw a black person for real was on a train ride back to Ill. and Iowa on Union Pacfic…..I think they were called condutors…….that was a long time ago….belive I was 8…I remember the guy was nice…..to me…..had the most white teeth ever seen when smiled and he let me sit up in the dome car in the middle of the nite and watch all the lights when train rolled by a town or city, so maybe that is one reason grew up with really no racist feelings towards black people or any others of color….

  3. @Dave Starr: I tried the palm trees in Kansas. They all died, too much heat in the summer and too cold in the winter. I do have a friend back home in Kansas that has banana plants…in the house. Yes he got fruit…once. I saw a photo of it and yes it is a full size plant. Tall ceiling.


  4. This is the most racist show on Philippine TV- it teaches black/dark skin is ugly and that white/fair skin is preferable. They even showed this blackface on primetime news on how they painted this underage girl in black make-up. See the photos here http://nitanegrita.blogspot.com

    Case in point, the culture here has a preference for white Americans, but a total disrespect for black Americans. I dunno I just wish there was no such thing, but there is, and BTW blackface soap operas are common themes here… where the black folk turn white in the end.

    1. I don’t think the everyday people are the ones behind this. Yes, I know they are the ones that stares when we foreigners are on the streets. But i notice that if you confront a person one on one about their actions they usually will apologize quickly and sometime ask for correction as if they did not even know it was inappropriate. The people are not to blame, yes the actors who picks these roles make poor choices however what if they don’t even know it is wrong. They are just tools. We all know many Filipinos are extremely naive. They are being controlled. You may ask by whom? Well ask your self who would benefit if every one thinks Black is ugly? The companies that sells the skin whiting product of course. The T.V. station that sale them the advertising space, the producers of the shows that gets a big check when rating is High. I started a web site called Pinoys Stand Up. com. I myself am not Pinoys in anyway or form, however my wife is. So I began to adopt the culture. I am a black Haitian American. I know I can turn around and stay in my home here in U.S.A. and simply avoid Philippines like many has done in the past. However i do love the country and the people. I know that the Filipinos are very warm and sweet people. Yes, we all know that some time it seem like they act like teenagers when we walk buy pointing a laughing, or saying slick remarks but they are just being used as tools. Why? Well 1st Philippines has the 7th largest population in the world they tell you the country is poor, but ask your self a question why are there Mega size Mall being built every year. The crazy thing is they are all pack. The money is there maybe not in one guys hand but together they are rich. 2nd, How many of you know Filipinos that can not handle money very well, they buy on impulse. They get the money and it is gone the next day. I am sure you know one are two people who is like this. The reason I mention this is to show why the philippines is important. 3rd, The key to advertising is to make people feel bad. As if life will end if you don’t have this product. This happens everywhere however the difference between let say U.S.A. and PH is in U.S.A. you have lots of companies competing with each other. In the Philippines you have a few families who hold all the cards. Most of the T.V. Station is owned by the same one of two companies. So don’t be fooled it is the Pinoys they are after and their money the black people is just a casualty of war. So on behalf of making a difference maybe a small one maybe a big one. I have to beg you, all you Americans, all you Australians, all you Europeans, Asians, and Filipinos lets stop this now. Sitting on forums will not stop this kind of thing, driving by a monster size billboard humiliating your fellow man and just shaking your head is not enough. We need to tell the stations that this is wrong and not acceptable. We need to tell the Filipinos, all the Filipinos wether light or dark that they are special as they are and there difference is what will make their country special. For it is a deep brains wash that has gone for too long. Who in the hell would identify with a weak character like Nita always apologizing for being black. We all know what racism has done in our countries it turn good people bad on both sides. It created groups of people who accepted the false idea that they where naturally bad so they continued on that path. It made people with money close doors to others in order to keep themselves safe from the so called bad people . However in this country the Republic of the Philippines it can all be stopped. This is your chance to make a difference. Join me and lets fight together as fellow humans.

      1. Hi SC, that was a very interesting observation on why Filipinos behave the way they do. The color of the skin has different dynamics to Filipinos. Negritoes are dark-skinned natives. Most Filipinos look at them as, you know more or less how. African descent expats in the Philippines are also viewed differently. Not necessarily as something to make fun of but simply because they are uncommon. I remember when I was a child I saw an African woman with an elaborate braid. She got a lot of stares. And when she stopped by at a santol vendor and bought some, people were still watching her. And that was Manila. So my best explanation about this is that Filipinos love to watch different people and african people do get more stares. But do Filipinos avoid them like plaque just like in the Kansas 50 years? I do not think so.

  5. Dave…I also my self am surprized that there is racism against dark-skinned people there……all Fillipinos are not white, but brown ( maybe different shades of brown, but not white )…so I am surprized of the racism….but to me if Fillipinos were white, then they would not be Fillipinos..they just be white and have to get a fake tan and risk getting skin cancer when they get old……

  6. Thats interesting Dave……Now I am sure if a white Kano pointed at the brown colored Fillipino security guard and laughed it up heavy,,,the kano may be…..in deep Do-Do…

  7. I’m a dark-skinned African-American who recently traveled to the Philippines in January. Even though my experience there was fine overall, I also suffered from the same comments, stares, pointing, and laughing. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I’ve never encountered treatment such as this. While I was in PH, most people were kind, courteous, and curious about me, but the occasional bad treatment left a very bad taste in my mouth. My experience in PH is noted in the following link:


    1. I seen that maid clip, i thought it was funny how the Filipino’s called out bloody murder when they do 100 time worst on the networks. Many Filipinos are very ignorant to many things. I think that is why they stare so much.

  8. That’s because white superiority was emphasized by the Educational system established by Americans during the 49 years that the US ruled the Philippines. Since then, Superiority meant white and inferiority meant black. The foundation was laid by the americans and now, Filipinos are hardwired on this idea of cultural superiority.

      1. I don’t think it is the bible that says white is better, the bible says Jewish is better it was white painters who painted Jesus white. And yes spain brought the concept and the painting with them to the Philippines. The idea of jesus being white was great all they had to do is teach religion. And the people would know that white people is Gods to be worshiped! This is why filipina cake up their faces with Baby powder in the Malls. PinoysStandUp.com

        1. Yes Dave. I was shocked to see young men who may work as sales clerks in SM put baby powder in the mens room as if it’s the most natural thing to do. & no, they were not gays, I think.

  9. Hi Dan, the first black person you saw on the train was a porter. Blacks were not allowed to be conductors at that time. When my dad was a conductor on the railroad there were certain cities they stopped at that they had to hide the porters so the white folks in town wouldn’t drag them off the train and hang them. Wasn’t fun to be black then, maybe not even now.

  10. Meriam was called a whore because she had a white husband. She had the trike stop and walked back and went up one side of that guy and down the other. She let him know that she wasn’t a whore. All his friends would not stand up for him and laughed at him. He hasn’t done that since. The trike driver said the guy was stupid. I agreed with him.

    As Meriam and I were going into the mall last year we were walking along a line of parked trikes. One of the drivers said “I wonder if he can take care of her” and he didn’t mean money wise. Not being sure which one it was she chewed them all out. Not even the guard would get close to Meriam. You just don’t make Meriam mad. I sure try not to…:-)

    My brother in law asked me how I handle all the stares I get. We were at a large mall in Davao at the time. I told him it doesn’t bother me. I enjoy people watching. Cheap thrills.

    1. I use to enjoy it too when i was not dating my now wife, most of the stares was women anyway but once you are married it gets on my nerve at time, i find the best thing is to continue your day. The stares may not stop but you start not noticing them.

  11. Dave, you had a beauty pageant video a while back and one of the ladies seemed to be a Filipino and African American mix. It was from somewhere near Subic or Angeles. I remember that she was one of the prettiest of the ladies in the pageant.

  12. I just left the PH a few days ago. i saw the posters of this show and i did not get a chance to see it when i was there. So i started checking it out yesterday. I was very angry at first it was adding to the long list of things i have been noticing about the Filipino media against dark skin. The show seems to be trying to deal with real issue. But like you, i had to ask why not go with a black filipino actress or the many mixed filipino kids that lives in the Philippines. I think this show would have been better. The other thing that is wrong is they make black skin as the problem when it is not the problem it is those people who have the problems. The whole country is self hating they import mixed filipinos actors from all over just to convince themselves they are part spanish, the white face actors represent the Filipino much like the girls who cake their face up with baby powder even when it clearly doesn’t match there skin. They stare a lot and always ask my wife questions like does he hit you?, how big is his penis? he is cute for a black! It amaze me many of these question comes from strangers. But if you ask me i feel more sorry for them, sorry for there ignorance, their self Hate for when the spain came they treated Filipinos like dogs, when the American came they did not see any difference from the Filipino and the Black Americans. Maybe that is why they hate dark so bad the a country of uncle toms they feel that if the push the dark people away maybe they will be accepted by the white. I use to ask why the network does not stop this constant brain wash well it does not take long for that to be answered by just watching the networks. skin product companies pay a lot of money to the those networks. The more the people think black is ugly, brown is ugly, they will keep buying crap to make themselves feel better and make these companies money. At the end it is business.

    1. There is a way to fix this. First it is important to know why it is being done. Second it is important to know how it is being done in order to change the people that it is being done to and the people who is doing it. in America racism was important because the plantations owners needed cheap labor, it continued after for the same reasons. The everyday person hated people of color but never really knowing why nor having any personal reasons to do so. In fact some whites never even met a black person during those time. But the hate was there and it was real. This allowed for the plantations to flourish. Later after slavery it ensured that the white people did not have to compete for good jobs. This is what is going on in the Philippines most of the darker people are generally poor and/or work lower level jobs. But here there is a big difference we are not talking about race we are talking about skin tones. Many filipinos have both light and dark skin people in their families. This makes it easy to fix. If they know that they are hurting someone or some there for will get hurt they. This may change there views on the topic. 2nd There are a lot of people around the world that knows this is wrong. We have to help educate the Pinoys about this. The hard part is even a dark Pinoys will admit they are ugly because of the skin tone. This is where we have to start. They have to realize that is not true! It is a lie! a trick! a mass hypnotism of sort.

  13. Hi Dave: Just information from a Filipina-American about the issue of skin color. My father was also a Filipino-American of mixed race and fair-skinned. My older sister is very fair-skinned and I am medium-brown. Cousins refer to my sister as the “American Beauty” and yours truly as the “Mexican Beauty”. I believe that this preference for the fair skin is associated with wealth. Fair-skinned Filipinos are descendants of Europeans who are usually associated with wealth. This is reinforced by fair skinned expats who settle in the Philippines and with them their assets. There is no excuse for discrimination however.

    As for the cat calls and insults of Filipina wives, there are no explanations for this behavior. I can only attest this behavior to jealousy. This is often referred to by natives as the “crab mentality”. It is a sorry behavior that I detest.

  14. I’m Chinese-Filipino born in the Phil.& I have first-hand experience about racism since I can remember. I remember walking to & from school & hearing racist comments from people along the way. Those cpmments were truly hurtful & made me ashame of my looks as a child. It’s quite scary being exposed to racism at such young age— Filipinos have a deep hatred or disrespect for the Chinese. Yet, when they see somebody who has fair “white” skin & doesn’t look Chinese at all, they’re so full of awe & admiration.

  15. I understand the message behind this show. What I don’t understand is how black they made the character. Nita’s deceased dad had a dark brown color, her mom has light brown skin & Nita turned out to be charcoal black?????

    1. I think the reason they made her so dark is to send subliminal message to Filipinos. The messages is if you have relations with an African American there is no telling how dark your kids will be. He can even be fair skin himself and your kids will come out charcoal dark also your kids will have a miserable life. No one will want them. Another words they are cursed from your choice. One other thing, the way he died. He was expecting a baby about to get married who in their right mine would do that, well apparently an African American, cause they are violent and love to fight. These are the hidden messages. When i am in the Philippines my wife always gets asked if i beat her. I think the people who has been pushing the darker Filipinos down fear the African Americans that comes to the philippines. They are more educated, they have money, and they know what racism is.

  16. I have no idea what this melodrama is trying to convey other than that Black Americans and our offspring are looked down upon by the poorest of the poor. Yet the vast majority of Filipinos have no idea of their ethnic or cultural make up. They have no idea that there are books being written now in America why Filipinos are on the bottom of the economic ladder among Asians in America and abroad. The people and/or TV station that is producing and/or broadcasting this show should be ashamed.

  17. Is this show supposed to teach us anything positive, because I haven’t seen anything positive so far aside from Nita’s extremely positive(or should I say naive?) attitude despite the harsh treatment she gets. The writers can’t even squeeze in a few good words like, “Don’t hate her because she’s black”(or something to that effect). Even the teachers in school don’t do much to stop the bullying & name-calling—-this is one place where it’s very rampant & actually happening in the real world. Instead, everday we get the same old nasty stuff–how many times is the word negrita uttered in each episode?

  18. The people behind the Philippine media should be hanged. They’re feeding the public with so much poison on a daily basis. Not even the young are spared. Not only with this particular TV show, but the Philippine TV in general. Filipino parents, please keep a close eye on what your children are watching or listening to. I myself have been a victim of this madness. I’m a brown Filipino man. Here, for your reading pleasure: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Filipino. Most of them are true. Possibly written by a local. Every ignorant Filipino should read this link to awaken them. It’s carefully written for those ignorant Filipino fools. (I’m only writing in English for the sake of being understood, I love my native language. It’s just so ridiculous that some schools in the Philippines penalise their students for speaking in Tagalog!)

  19. Well, this is for Sue. I am a Filipina and all throughout my childhood, did you know I wanted to be ‘Chinita?’ I don’t think there is racism in the Philippines against Chinese because many Filipino men even like the ‘Chinita look’ on girls, or ‘Chinese girls’. They think they’re pretty. As for myself, even if other Filipinas wanted to whiten, I wanted to tan and would try tan sprays at beauty stores but even my Mom discouraged me. She said most people were whitening, that it was the ‘latest’, even one of my cousins. The only ever once time I tried whitening was when I had scars on my face because of popping out acne. The acne wasn’t so bad, but I was conscious of them, and when I got scars for them, I was more conscious, so this is the only time I tried whitening. It is true, though. The paler you are here in the Philippines, the more success you have, with what I see on Philippine TV. I don’t consider myself lucky or anything because most people also like my complexion here. I was even surprised when I saw Nita Negrita on GMA TV here, I told myself, they shouldn’t be doing that. Whenever I see black foreigners here, I just, oh okay. We are all God’s creatures and we are all equal in his eyes, so we should not treat others bad.

  20. Since I have joined this blog it has really proven my ignorance on how ignorant people can be. Here is a quick history/biology lesson for all. Science has already proven that we all originated from Africa. We all carry the DNA/GENES to make every one of our people on our world. I would like to also point out our worlds scientist have also proven that “WHITE SKIN” is an actual mutation. Now for the history part. Most in the Philippines are not aware of their history. The Spanish were conquered by the Moors who were various mixtures of Africans and Arabs. When Spain finally reconquered their country they went to conquer other lands which led them to the Philippines. They intermarried with the native population bringing their already intermingled blood of the NEGRO and ARAB. If you believe in “GOD” then he created the man of color first. All others as the cliche goes “Pale in comparison”.


    1. Thanks for the reply Dave and FYI I am a multi-racial U.S. citizen of Black/Native American/Irish blood. I believe in a creator(GOD) and he has blessed all of us on this Earth. My wish is that we become one people as GOD intended. As God said to Abraham “I have made you the Father of many nations” God also said “All nations will be blessed through you”. Paul/Saul also wrote in a letter to Rome “Is God the God of the Jews only? Is he not the God of the Gentiles to? Indeed, since there is only one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through that same faith.

  21. You’re welcome Dave. You know, with all of mankind’s sins (racism included), no one can stand up before God. With the uncyclopedia, it’s ok. It’s primarily for amusement and they’re making fun of everybody and anything in this universe. I just visit that site whenever I want some serious laugh.

    Personally, I think God made various races to kill boredom just like food itself. It would be very boring if everything tasted sweet. Sure, we’d still survive but life would be very dull if everything were the same. God wanted us to have the “Feast of the Senses” by giving us a variety of things to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

  22. Well said Sharif. And I might add that men like me are portrayed in a negative way in Filipino films. Most of the time, I’m portrayed as a robber, kidnapper, murderer, child molester, rapist and the likes. Is this somehow related to “Lookism” or something?

    By the way, to be fair enough, there’s racism in every country and it has been existing since time immemorial. They just come in different shapes and sizes.

    1. True enough The_Tent. I cannot understand why in this age of information and communication there remains to be ignorance in our world. I am a person who takes joy in the human struggle for survival and progression. We as a people have done terrible and remarkable things. Maybe when aliens invade earth we will realize that we are one people. 🙂 lol

  23. Iloilo–I had an ex-girlfriend near that place. In the light of what Dave said, (“It’s so true that not all white people are racist”) it’s always best to look at people, NOT AS A GROUP, BUT AS INDIVIDUALS.

    And no legislation could eliminate racism because it is something that resides in a person’s heart. The most that can be done is to sack racists from the workplace.

    I can remember an incident in our office when one of my co-workers sent a racist joke to one of our customers. He was fired. Good for him.

    He’s responsible for this. CHECK THIS OUT:

    I should know. I’ve worked for this company. The story spread in our 2 Philippine branches just minutes after he sent the joke.

    Some say beauty is defined by symmetry and how masculine or feminine a person is, depending on one’s gender of course. Sharon Leal–> A very pretty lady

  24. “Maybe when aliens invade earth we will realize that we are one people” — Sharif

    Only when the earth experiences a near death miss, I think that’s the only time people will realise that we’re one and HOW SMALL WE ARE. Something like a near collision with another planet or being dangerously near a black hole.

  25. I just saw the face of Lita on TV today ..As a black American that has been coming to the Philippines off and on for the last 25 years. I wasn’t surprised. Just glad my 2 daughters left here when they were infants. My son would have done fine growing up here, he is handsome and smart and could have overcome the treatment kids get when they are growing up in this enviroment. This is a complex issue, when I first heard a lady say how proud she was of her boyfriend ,because he was “pure Tagalog” it made me think WOW lots of people have self-hate.. I was in Visayas at the time ,, Or the first time I saw a employment Ad in Manila , that said one of the qualifications was “light skinned ” .. But the answer about why they show such a Racist T.V. program here is easy ,,MONEY,, they are selling alot of skin- whitening products to the viewers(sad),, but true,, And I to have experianced the same treatment as all the other black guys here ,, “lol, had girls say , I think your handsome in your country. Or had others ask my wife “is he mean”,, or the one that is so funny “how big is he”,,,but getting back to the show it is a teachable moment, hopefully the population is getting SMARTER,,??

    1. I married a pinay who had 1 child by her ex who abandoned her and his son. I care for this child as my own. I have legally adopted him and he has my last name as well. We have been married 3 years. Her ex wanted to see his son. She asked me if that was ok. Being the kind hearted man that I am and also having never seen my father I said yes. After they met she told me that he was angry because she married a negro. She replied that she fell in love with me because I am a good man and really showed her love when she felt the world was against her and that he abandoned her and his son.

      What gets my blood boiling is that this is a typical situation there in the Philippines. Many pinoy abandoned their wives and girl friends with kids. This of course happens all over the world. What kind of man abandons his child? We are about to have our first child together and maybe I am wrong but I will not allow that man to interact with us on a regular basis. I don’t want any poison in our harmonious home.

    2. It seems that most Filipinos don’t seems to care, with so many dark Filipinos you would think there would be a boycott protest right out side the studios. These actors would be black listed (no pun intended) . The show would get pulled. But instead no one says a thing. I have spoken to Filipinos online who were against the show but it seems they were from US. I have seen posting of many filipinos from the PH saying that Nita negrita is their new hero. Like i said before i understand that many are brain wash but come on it can’t be everyone. When i read that light skin is a qualification for a job, you think wow this is crazy. No one says a thing. What kind of president do they have that allows such things, what kind of laws do they have to protect the people from these things?

  26. Do you really know why they stare so much when white skinned is married to Filipina? They looked down the Filipina as a prostitue getting hooked by GI. They view an american or foreigner as marrying a slaves not a wives. Thats whats really on the mind of Filipinos if you really want to find out.

  27. The word “defend” seems to be a positive word. But the trouble with some
    Filipinos is that they keep on defending what is disgustingly sick and wrong
    instead of finding the proper medicine to cure the problem. Or maybe, they don’t even see it as a problem at all, and this would be the worst case scenario. They think that just because the disease is asymptomatic, they aren’t sick and everything is perfectly okay. And I might add that I’ve tried to talk with some of my fellowmen in the past about this, and for some of them, it disturbs me to find out that it doesn’t ring their bell. I find it hard at times to talk with even some of my relatives because they do have the same pattern of thinking. It just drains my emotional energy dry.

    Here (in the Philippines), you’ll still find yourself in a country still sniffing the hot vapors of several centuries of imperial oppression and tyranny. Some Filipinos got so addicted and intoxicated with this Imperial Tea Set. Call it “Malware” in today’s internet age.

  28. …most urban centers like Manila and Cebu are more willing to accept interracial marriages than rural areas, plus there is more approval if the Filipina marries out than a Filipino male.



    You see, it’s confirmed. Filipina women in those places see me as unworthy and inferior. Just how insulting this whole thing is…and how far stupidity and ignorance can go…

    1. Joy and I also got some bad looks in Iloilo. I didn’t notice any bad looks in Cebu or Guimaras. I understand that Cebu is more cosmopolitan, but I am not sure why no bad looks in Guimaras if we got them in Iloilo. Maybe they are more shy in Guimaras or more used to tourists.

      1. Maybe the girl on the pump boat staring at Melinda was from Iloilo and just visiting or working in Guimaras, lol. I wonder why the dirty looks just happen in certain areas of Iloilo, I noticed that too. We also stared back at them and that was the end of it.

      2. Yeah, we didn’t notice anything bad at SM City, just in some other areas but I don’t remember which. The few dirty looks I noticed were from older women. We got a bunch of stares from younger women too but they just seemed to be curious not malicious, there are not a lot of expats in Iloilo.

  29. Thanks a lot Dave. Frustrated, I really am. This is what I’m talking about Dave. Here, let’s take a slice of the general population of the Philippines:

    Most of them are written in Tagalog. But I’m sure you can understand some of
    them, being here in the Philippines for quite some time. Only a few of them say that such a show is racist. But I think, this can also be blamed due to the lack of awareness. If they can only see how monstrous those Nazis are, Filipinos will realise how evil the Nita show is. The Nazis are the wildest of racists. And we know that they still operate today in many parts of the world. I just came across one of their evil agenda: “Wir machen die ***** platt.” They say they’re going to kill Nita, and that includes me and all Filipinos and non-whites. Of course, not even those Filipino actors and actresses, worshipped by most Filipinos, will be spared. We know how intolerant Nazis are. It’s both chilling and frightening. I just can’t stop thinking how some people can be so evil. It’s so sad that the scars of racism still subtly appear today in ways that are acceptable to many. Neonazis still are an issue especially in Germany. Still, this question is being asked in this forum: Wie umgehen mit den Neonazis? (How are we going to deal with the Neonazis?)

    Here are some Philippine job listings. They were even written in all caps for maximum visibility:


    “…At least 5’2 in height with LIGHT COMPLEXION…”

    I’ve found the above job listings on the following links:



    The job listings above look like another Nazi formula. If you have some spare
    time, please watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxc52JhOgEA
    It’s a documentary divided into six parts. I’ve already saved it a long time ago for future reference. I will never forget this line in this documentary: “It’s racial science from a monster’s picture book.”

    I remember watching the 2004 film Der Untergang (The Downfall). One of the questions asked during a wedding is: Are you of an Aryan descent? Mr. Toothbrush himself was asked this question during his wedding with Eva. And by the way, I’m also flat-out pissed off by the lack of representation of the “Real Filipino” in Philippine media. All of these things will make one weep for the future of humanity.

    Since I had an ex-girlfriend in Iloilo, I can say that some of them can be quite rude to outsiders. They define outsiders as anyone who isn’t native of Iloilo. I still can remember the day when I overheard my ex-girlfriend’s parents saying that I am a bad person and not worthy of being a husband because I grew up Manila.

    It’s also quite interesting to note that the number of black cars here in the
    Philippines aren’t that many. You’ll be quite lucky to find one. I was talking to my mom the other day about this whole Nita thing, and she told me that here in the Philippines, about 50 years ago, the brown and the black varieties of rice are a frequent sight. But because Filipinos thought of these varieties as unclean, rice merchants responded to such a market demand by offering the white one instead–at extortionate prices. This might be the rough explanation as to the reason why black and brown rice varieties aren’t so easy to find these days. I reckon that brown people like me will be heading the same direction as the brown rice did (heading towards extinction), and this might be seen in the next few centuries because of this prejudice, given the fact that women have the final say in mate selection. I’ve already given up the hope in finding a woman who’ll like me back.

    1. I’m really scared Dave. It’s the main reason why I refuse to visit white countries. I have nothing against these countries or the people living in it and their governments, I just have a dreaded fear of being treated with scorn or being beaten or even getting murdered by a racist skull. I’ve heard that about a month ago in California, a 10-year old boy shoots dead his neo-nazi father. Maybe he could no longer take what his father is teaching him. It’s just my calculated guess. The authorities haven’t revealed much about the case. Dave, do you think those newspaper ads, GMA and the rest of the Philippine media should apologise just like Microsoft did with its edited ads for the Polish market? What these job listings are doing are just a few steps short of hitler’s schools. But I’m glad to hear that some of my fellowmen have started to open their eyes to the bare truth behind all these things. I just can’t wait for these racist ads be made illegal.

      Speaking of morons, the mentally ill and those with genetic defects, well, the stronger ones should instead be thankful that they aren’t. I’m not a strong person myself by they way. I’m just amazed those zombies don’t feel an ounce of pity for them. I know that there are people who want to make this world more barbaric than ever, more of that “dog-eat-dog” mania. Pity, empathy, love and dignity take the hyper-nominative case in the languages of these sorts of people. These are just some of the words they despise. Being brought up as a Christian, I was told to treat everybody with dignity and to care for those people in need, within my means and whenever I can.

    2. Dave, with what you’ve told me about SM’s extreme discriminatory policy, I’m tempted to distribute leaflets. I feel that SM is even worse than GMA. And it’s so sad that most Filipinos are behaving like it’s okay. This country badly needs some serious shower of white roses. The Philippines is stinkingly racist. It’s so easy to get rejected by other countries, but by your own? This would be unthinkable. I just feel betrayed by my own country, being seen as a “sub-human” even by my own fellowmen. SC is so right. These are the copycat racists. Looking back, as a child, I didn’t have a single idea why I was treated with less favor by my peers. Adulthood came and I’ve just opened a can of worms. But this can of worms told me volumes and explained to me everything.

  30. @martin

    Please don’t beat around the bush by making some lame excuses. It’s downright offensive in whatever place on earth you take that term and whichever way you look at it. You think, the word Negrita is one of ours? It isn’t. It’s an Italianate word from the Roman world brought to the Philippines by Spain, which was once a Roman colony herself. My dad knows Latin. It just spread to other Romance languages and other language families. It’s a word carrying a negative meaning RIGHT FROM THE VERY START. Just think of Nero. And of course, Spain at that time didn’t use such a term on us in an affectionate way. Negrita is just a milder form of “Untermenschen”. Remember that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Nita isn’t a wholesome show. And as I type this post, I just
    feel so sad and disturbed by the fact that children can watch it with no let up at all because their parents told them that there’s nothing wrong with it. I beg you, don’t put the world in more pain than it’s already in, you have to remember that there’s more than enough racial hatred or just plain unjustified hatred even without this Nita show. Unless you want to burn in hell together with those SS zombies, you should stop condoning the hatred this Nita show teaches. I have nothing against you. I’m only against evil. Filipinos need to be more sensitive with regards to these things.

  31. Hi! I’m a Filipina and yeah when I first saw the show I was shocked. The show was really racist. Their just making shows for money! and my brother has friends who are married to white guys. My mom has a lot black friends in Canada and she’s really proud of it because they are good people and she wants us to meet them someday. Here in Bacolod a lot people are doing the “staring thing” but not all. When my friends and i go to the mall and there’s a foreigner and Filipina couple we stare, but not at the girl. lol! We stare at the cute foreign guy. LOL! I really hate racist people. i grew up in a farm and there are people there who has ancestry of aetas and they are good people.

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