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Severe Water Rationing in the Philippines: Our New Well Runs Dry

our new well in the philippines

Our new well in the Philippines runs dry. We have eight visitors from Manila staying at our new home in the Philippines for Holy Week along with four other local relatives from Guimaras, our island province home. That brings a total of 18 people putting a strain on our existing water shortage on the island and has resulted in some severe water rationing.

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The Return of the American Ambassador to the Philippines

guimaras school function

“The Return of the American Ambassador to the Philippines” again drew the attention of a moderator at a local school event in Guimaras.  Our niece and nephew were going to participate in an all-day event at their elementary school and though I tried to keep a low profile, my presence at the event did not go unnoticed.

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Collecting Cow Poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day

cow poop in the philippines

I seriously doubt that many of my readers were collecting cow poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day. I wonder how many people all across America were doing the same. Perhaps some couples were celebrating Cupid’s Day by waiting in line for an hour (or more) at their neighborhood Olive Garden or Outback restaurant, stomachs growling, perhaps wishing they were alongside Captain Tom picking up poop. Then again, maybe not.

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A Kapre Lives in Old Mango Tree in my Asawa’s Elementary School Yard in Guimaras

Jeff MD Kapre e

Kapre lives in an old mango tree in my asawa’s elementary school in Guimaras, the island province of the Philippines we call home. According to Wikipedia, a Kapre is a Philippine mythical creature that could be characterized as a tree demon. It is described as being a tall (7 to 9 ft), dark, muscular creature. Kapres are normally described as having a strong smell that would attract human attention. After a sweaty day in the archipelago, I sometimes have a strong smell that repels human attention.

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Desperately Dodging Dinagyang

iloilos premier festival

After a recent trip to Bacolod, we arrived in Iloilo on our way back home to our home base,  the island province of Guimaras. We were desperately dodging Dinagyang , the annual Festival which recently plowed into Iloilo City with the force of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. There is absolutely no way we wanted to be in town when the event hit.

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