Should You Move to the Philippines Now?

Whew! It’s an exciting time to live in the Philippines. Rumors of  coups d’éta and rising rice prices are spicing things up for this American expat in the Philippines. Maybe it makes you kind of wonder: “Should You Move to the Philippines Now?”

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Prince’s Edgy Evening Escape

Papa Prince

A tremendous thunderstorm rolled into Guimaras the other night pouring buckets of rain faster than a petrified shabu dealer seeking to evade the police. Lightning crackled in the air with booming thundering reverberating in the skies. A few of our eight canines leap into panic mode whenever they hear any thunder. Today’s post, “Prince’s Edgy Evening Escape” details one of our pup’s extreme reaction to any prolonged loud noises.

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Rechargeable Fans & Light Bulbs Battle Brownouts

Guimelco, our local “service” provider for electricity secured a 100 million loan last year to completely refurbish the aging electrical grid in Guimaras. The project was to be completed by the start of the annual 2018 Manggahan Festival which ended last May 22nd, 2018. However, we’ve already experienced 20 power outages this June. Thankfully, our rechargeable fans and light bulbs battle the continuing brownouts in our home province of Guimaras.

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Olivia’s Kitchen No Longer Welcoming Expats?

It was a disturbing report. A highly reliable source informed me yesterday that Olivia’s Kitchen is no longer welcoming expats. Foreigners that frequent this Guimaras eatery have been tagged as “complaining and too aggressive.”

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“Good Day”Coffee’s Amazing Health Benefits

Years ago when I worked for AT&T back in Central Illinois, I would kick start my mornings with an icy cold can of Diet Coke. There was a drive-up coffee shop on Sixth Street in Springfield only a few blocks from my work. But I didn’t want to miss out on my free parking spot on the street. There were no parking meters five blocks from my job, so I never stopped for a cup of “Joe.”  I wasn’t about to pay 30 bucks a month for a parking spot on a lot. Plus, a coffee would have cost me about two or three bucks back then, too lavish for my tight-fisted ways.

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10 Questions You Should Ask before You Move to the Philippines

What are the 10 questions you should ask before you move to the Philippines? After residing in the Philippines for over eight years now, I’ve encountered several expats that sometimes find themselves in dire straits. Whether it be financial, relationship or health issues, take stock of the following questions and determine your own personal readiness for a move to the Philippines.

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10 Best Reasons to Never Visit Guimaras, Philippines

I’ve lived in the Philippines with my Filipina wife for over eight years now. We’ve spent six of those years on a tiny island province called Guimaras in Western Visayas. Here’s my “10 Best Reasons to Never Visit Guimaras, Philippines.” 1. Sunsets uglier than dog crap on the bottom of your cheap-ass vinyl slippers you … Read more10 Best Reasons to Never Visit Guimaras, Philippines

Proper Pooch Pool Party Philippines

“Proper Pooch Pool Party Philippines” isn’t one of seven related American International Pictures beach party films from the Sixties. Former Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello, was my first crush. She starred in “Beach Blanket Bingo” along with teen idol Frankie Avalon.   “Bingo” was the fifth and most well-known of the series. Annette initially appeared on “The Mickey Mouse Club” which was first televised from 1955 to 1959 by ABC.Beach Blanket Bingo

(Photo Source: The Video Beat)

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