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Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines

Because lockdowns for the coronavirus continue in the Philippines, I decided to release this post. “Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines.” Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines Of course, the quarantine levels for expats in the Philippines are the same for Filipinos for the most part. However, LSIs, Locally Stranded Individuals, which can … Read more

Surviving Philippines’ COVID-19 Lockdowns


Because of the coronavirus and the ensuing quarantines around the planet, the country I now call home presents unique challenges. “Surviving Philippines’ COVID-19 Lockdowns” is today’s opinion piece, ladies and germs. Surviving Philippines’ COVID-19 Lockdowns Above all, surviving Philippines’ COVID-19 lockdowns are much harder if you don’t have a job. My sister-in-law, Alida, knows this. … Read more

Announcing Captain Tom’s Triumphant Philippines’ Return

captain tom and barangay captain

Because of the coronavirus quarantine, I’m enjoying the upbeat benefits of the current lockdown. Our province’s ban on mass meetings such as fiestas, for instance. While I’ve opined on this topic earlier, please bear with me. I don’t get out of the house much now (not that I bore any resemblance to a social butterfly … Read more

Philippine Bureau of Immigration Relaxes Visa Rules during COVID-19 Crisis

Because of enhanced quarantines (lockdowns) throughout the Philippines, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration relaxes visa rules during the COVID-19 crisis. BI Commissioner Jaime Morente made the announcement on Thursday, April 2, 2020. Philippine Bureau of Immigration Relaxes Visa Rules during COVID-19 Crisis The Commissioner is urging foreigners to stay home. Visa application rules are being … Read more

Sensational Soulful Boracay Sunsets

Because I wanted a break from the current coronavirus crisis crisscrossing the globe, I decided to post some pictures from our Boracay vacation in late February 2020. While President Duterte’s Press Secretary recently opined that the Philippines is on the “precipice of annihilation,” I decided to take a lighter tone in this article. Hence, today’s … Read more

PhilHealth: Foreigner Married to Filipina Update


UPDATED 01-24-2020 Update: PhilHealth Membership Renewed with Foreigner Dependent My wife and I made it over to our local PhilHealth in Guimaras yesterday, January 23, 2020, to renew our membership for the year 2020. My wife’s membership records were in the PhilHealth database, and I was still listed as her dependent. However, while we did … Read more

Top 10 New Reasons for Retiring to the Philippines

Seems like after living here for over 10 years, I wouldn’t have 10 new reasons for retiring to the Philippines. Because every day can be a fresh adventure in the archipelago, new reasons for moving to the Philippines to spend your “Golden Years” often crop up. Hence, today’s post: “Top 10 New Reasons for Retiring … Read more

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