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It’s the Day of the Dead in the Philippines

jordan municipal cemetary guimaras

It’s two days before All Saints Day, or “Araw ng mgba Patay”, the celebration of the Day of the Dead as it is called in the predominantly Catholic Philippines, and observed by Catholics worldwide. My wife, her Mother, sister Alida and our niece Michelle traveled to Jordan Municipal Cemetery in Guimaras to pay our respects to relatives that have long since left this earthly domain. 

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Our New Home in the Philippines is Nearing Completion

floor tile is being laid in our sala

Our new home in the Philippines is nearing completion. Floor tiles are now being laid throughout the house, windows are being installed this week, and once the tile work is completed, our new doors will be installed. The project has been going on for five months now and all indications point to a move-in date in July. 

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The Island Hoppers of Guimaras

island hopping off Raymen Beach

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands. Traveling by banca boat (see following photo) is an unrivaled means of checking out some of the islets and enclaves which is something my asawa and her relatives, the island hoppers of Guimaras, did one recent Sunday. island hopping in the Philippines

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The “Americanization” of the Two Lola’s

flag lrg

I don’t like people that butt in line. Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” might recall past rants involving my issues with Filipinos,  well-known for “Filipino Time,” who are nonetheless in a hurry and push ahead of others in a queue. I’ve been living in the Philippines for close to six years now, and while the vast majority of Pinoys and Pinays are polite, respectful and friendly, there are those that believe it is alright to practice “line jumping.” So when  a middle-aged Filipina butted in front of two senior ladies the other day at Robinsons Supermarket Package Counter, this incident sparked the “Americanization” of the two Lola’s (Grandmothers.)

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