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Giving Filipino Time a Swift Kick in the Ass

I was fed up. Tired of waiting for Southern Trade, which bills itself as a Building Resource Center, to open. The hardware store claims it’s doors are open to the public at 8:00 am. It was now 8:30 am. My asawa, brother-in-law Joery, and trike driver NoNo had been outside the establishment’s doors for 30 minutes now. Guimaras Traders, down the road about 10 meters, opens at 7:30 am and opens on time. What a novel concept! Customer service! But I was giving Filipino Time a swift kick in the ass. I instructed NoNo to take us over to Guimaras Traders and told Joery to meet us there. NoNo did a quick U-turn and a minute later we were at Traders.

swift kick in ass -

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“Filipino Time,” things get done when they get done is the official time of the Philippines. I had decided at the last minute to accompany my asawa to buy the 12 pieces of plywood Joery needed for the inside walls of the nip hut he is building for my father-in-law. I was bored and thought I would tag along to our new property site and check on the hut’s progress.

My father-in-law, who is afflicted with dementia, is driving me crazy It’s a short drive. The sooner that nipa hut is built the sooner I can get some much needed peace and quiet.

Now Joery, the foreman for the nipa hut and for the new home we are building in the Philippines, had gone to Southern Trade because he said their plywood was 50 pesos a piece cheaper than Guimaras Traders. That’s a savings of 600 pesos, almost 13.50 US Dollars, but we had already kept our driver waiting; the clock was ticking.


But I had a plan. Though I have no intention of micro-managing the construction of our new abode, I am the financier. My wife takes care of the payroll for our crew and buys the necessary building supplies, and is taking caring of all the other details involved with the house. So as the resident Sugar Daddy, I asked one of the young Filipina employees if the owner was there today. She was. I politely asked if I could speak with her.

A few minutes later the owner, Ma’am Lourdes, walked over to me.

“Ma’am, my wife and I are building a new home in Guimaras. It will be big. 3,000 square feet. I am tired of waiting for Southern Trade to open. If you can match their prices, I will buy all of our building materials from you.” I proposed.

“Yes, sir, just canvas their price and I will match it,” she replied.

I liked this lady. Pleasant and willing to give us a deal, even a “rich” kano.

I promptly introduced her to my asawa and Joery. She promptly wrote out a ticket ¬†with a discounted price on the plywood and had her workers load NoNo’s tricycle. Now this was the way to do business.

new plywood for the nipa hut in the Philippines





Sometimes giving Filipino Time a swift kick in the ass feels pretty good.

3 thoughts on “Giving Filipino Time a Swift Kick in the Ass”

  1. Smart very smart. They were happy to get your money and hope for a lot more in the future..The advantage of dealing with an owner.. Glad to hear that progress is happening to the new digs.. Keep up the good insight.

  2. Dave,
    The owner was more than happy to give you a discount since you will be a big customer. Filipino time gets under my skin too at times. I think that affects people who want to invest here.

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