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Last post dealt with a problem we had regarding a land owner adjacent to our lot who claimed our workers were building a fence on their property line. The group had earlier claimed they had a survey done on their property and had a sketch plan but they had neither, as I had suspected all along. But this past Tuesday, the complainers finally hired a survey crew from nearby Iloilo City who would meet with our survey group, also hailing from “The City of Love.” Our property dispute in the Philippines is now resolved.

Our barangay captain could not make it to the meeting but sent four tanods, local police, from our new barangay. The tanods would be witnesses to what the two survey groups decided. It was one of those hot, humid summer days in the Philippines that would make you sweat five minutes after you took a shower.

Though the property line in question is no where near our new house construction, the section of land in question is approximately 25 square meters. Not a large amount but the matter still had to be settled. This particular lot is 5,400 square meters. We have had no issues  thus far with the other adjacent 7,000 square meter lot.

We arrived around 8:00 am. Our crew had not arrived yet but the protesters’ contingent were already working on their survey. My asawa contacted Earl, the lead person for our surveyors, and thought the men would be arriving at 9 am.the survey debate

9 am. Still no crew. The barangay officials were waiting at the site of the property dispute as was the man that sold us our lot, Floro. My spouse calls Earl. The group had not even left Iloilo yet. It takes around 90 minutes to make the trip from Iloilo, via jeepney, pump boat and tricycle. The day wasn’t getting off to a good start.

Finally, at 10:30 am Earl and his survey squad arrived. I didn’t go with them as I wanted to stay out of this as much as possible. I knew that I would probably get agitated and make matters worse.

Earl and his team had their survey done in about two hours. Their results matched the first survey they had done for us on the site months ago. Now we had to wait for the other survey crew.

If the people that were complaining about the property line had listened to the barangay captain six weeks ago, they would have had their survey already completed. But in classic Filipino Time fashion, they had been dragging their feet. Finally, at 1 am, both crews took a lunch break.disputed property line

The disputed property line

A total of ten people piled into Floro’s small Suzuki truck, the four tanods and our surveyors included. We headed over to the new Lisa’s Talabahan and  chowed down on oysters, grilled pork sticks and chicken breasts and extra servings of rice. After washing down the meal with a couple of warm bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen (Lisa’s never serves cold beer) we headed back to our property.

The other survey crew was still working and could not find their reference point according to Earl, our lead man. It was now 3:00 pm.

At 3;30 the surveyors still could not complete their work and word came down to me that they would not be able to finish that day.


I uttered a few more choice expletives, some of my best to date, and I walked away as my asawa wisely calmed me down. Floro went over to the clueless surveyors to try and help them find their reference point. An hour later the crew met with Earl and our survey crew and went over the survey results together. Finally a mutual agreement was reached.

We called the tanods over to the site of the dispute. The boundary line the protesters were claiming, about five  meters from our existing landmark, was wrong, as I had suspected all along. Our surveyors were only one meter off and our landmark was moved accordingly.

The tanods spoke to the leader of the group disputing the claim as our marker was moved. The complaining party were told their boundary was not valid. There was no argument. Did I mention that ALL four tanods from our barangay were relatives of Floro, the man that sold us our property? Case closed.

5 thoughts on “Our Property Dispute in the Philippines is Resolved

  1. Hi Dave glad things turned out good sometimes these land disputes turn nasty, good that the tanods were
    Related to the former owner that’s why we give our local barangay tanods a Christmas present every year
    The look after you if you treat them well, as for warm beer not for me I like it frosty cold .
    Derek in sunny pasig

  2. Dave,
    Glad everything worked out alright. Wish we could make it for the festival, but we will just be getting back from the US. Feels like the Philippines here and Florida. At least in the Philippines we have a nice breeze most of the time. I agree with Rease above about the warm beer on a hot hot day.

  3. Just curious, did the complaining party know of that relationship, of the tanods and Floro, in the US that might be looked at as a conflict of interests and make it possible for future problems.

    In my previous comment I made in the first post. I did not mean to insinuate that all Filipinos are dishonest by any means. Only that it seems that when a foreigner buys land there, it always seems that one or more neighbors try to take advantage of the situation, by claiming a property dispute of some sort, or that the property was given to them by a previous owner, even though they have no paperwork to support that argument. I have a great deal of respect for most all Filipinos I have met thus far there, but I only visit there once a year at present, and once I move there I have no doubt I will find some I have little respect for, the lazy scammers for instance, but we certainly have our fair share of those here in US as well.

    We should be putting our house and land on the market by the first of May, and the shop by the middle of May,,,,hopefully, but are being told the house will be a slow sell most likely, so is hard to make future plans on relocating there when everything is in limbo like this.

  4. I Hope There Is Still A place There For Me Dave. I Really Need To Return There Because My Gwapo Grande Son Is Now A Little Over 2 Years Old.

    Fearless Frank from Florida

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