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3 Philippine Banks Ranked Worst in Customer Service

While I’ve previously written about the best banks in the Philippines, this post offers the opposite side of the spectrum. If you’re looking to open a bank account in the Philippines, customer service is a factor you probably want to consider. Therefore, today’s post, “3 Philippine Banks Ranked Worst in Customer Service” offers some unique … Read more

ATM Skimmers Hit Iloilo City BDO Branch


“ATM Skimmers Hit Iloilo City BDO Branch” is today’s cautionary tale. I like to believe I exercise a fair bit of caution whenever withdrawing money from any local ATMs. My asawa always stands to my side and I make sure no one is standing directly behind me while I’m conducting my transaction.

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Ford Ranger XLT 4×2 Automatic: Our New Truck in the Philippines

Our new Ford Ranger XLT

The Ford Ranger XLT 4×2 Automatic is our new truck in the Philippines. After not owning, or driving, our own vehicle since moving to the Philippines over five years ago we have finally purchased our own personal transportation. WHAT??? But wait a minute. Regular readers of Philippines Plus must be scratching their heads (or their butts, if you prefer), wondering why in the world we bought the Ford.  Didn’t I publish a post a few weeks ago regarding an initial unpleasant visit to the local dealership in Iloilo?

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