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Top 12 Reasons to get Banned from Philippines

Paupers, prostitutes, public charges and idiots not welcome. Because I recently posted an article regarding “public charges,” I wanted to explore this topic further. Hence, thanks to some additional research, I discovered some more information. The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Beats lugging around a huge encyclopedia as was the case … Read more

Foreigners Entering Philippines Face Increased Scrutiny

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration may be asking more questions of foreigners entering the Philippines. Arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport? Other PH international airports, and seaports? Be prepared. “Foreigners Entering Philippines Face Increased Scrutiny.” Due to two recent bomb attacks, one in Jolo, Sulu, and another in Zamboanga City, you may face possible delays as Immigration officials increase their inspection of visitors.

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Would I Have Still Moved to the Philippines?

sunset over guimaras

After the publication of my latest post, “Living in the Philippines 6 Yr. Review,” one of my faithful readers asked me the following questions and wondered, knowing what I know now, what would I have done or not done:

  1. Would you still have moved to the Philippines or would you have stayed in the USA?
  2. What would you have done the same the last six years living in the Philippines?
  3. What would you have done differently the last six years living in the Philippines?Philippine flag ceremony in Guimaras

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BI Alien Registration Program (ARP): Do YOU Have to Register?

The Alien Registration Program (ARP) from the BI,  Bureau of Immigration, a new procedure issued from the high command, Commissioner Mison, was introduced back in September. It begs the question: “Do YOU have to register?”  Of course, if you’re an illegal alien in the Philippines, much like illegals back in the States who are now called “undocumented immigrants” and have been given amnesty by President Obama, you probably don’t give a damn.  You can skip this post.

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Fixers in the Philippines: Will You Need One?

beware on fixers

Fixers in the Philippines are as common as ladyboy  hookers at KTV bars.  They’re probably in every corner, crack and crevice throughout all 7,107 islands of this archipelago (along with the ladyboys.) In the latest report released by Transparency International, the Philippines climbed to 85th place from 94th last year and 105th in 2012 in the Corruption Index. This is being touted as a remarkable improvement by an administration which has jailed three opposition senators while members of their own party accused of similar crimes go unpunished.

swimsuit beauties manggahanLocal eye candy from Guimaras which has absolutely nothing to do with this story

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Annual Report to Philippine Bureau of Immigration

It’s that time of year again. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration has reminded all foreigners in the country to report in person for their annual report beginning Jan. 2, 2013.  Aliens have until the first 60 days of every calendar year to report. The fee is P310, about 7.55 US Dollars.Local immigration office in Iloilo

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