Astonishing Half of Local Filipino Youth Dense on Sex

Gail T. Momblan over at The Daily Guardian, TDG, ran a jaw-dropping story over the weekend. An astonishing half of local Filpino youth are dense on sex. The Philippines ranks Number One in the world for average daily social media usage. Filipinos spend almost four hours a day on social media, mainly Facebook. There are 67 million Facebook accounts in the Philippines. That matches the total number of internet users in the Philippines.

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Moron Screws up His Internet Account

The Kano eating balut in the Philippines

The cancellation of the visit from our island province’s resident computer god saved me a few pesos.  Panoy, is known throughout the land of sweet mangoes, Guimaras, for his computer savvy. The tech wizard could have solved my problem with Globe quicker than a young boy can wipe snot off his nose with a shirtsleeve.

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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Guimaras Mountain Resort

Guimaras Mountain Resort

My lovely asawa and I recently witnessed a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Guimaras Mountain Resort. OK, I, confess. Maybe only a few turkeys and chickens were actually sacrificed for the buffet dinner. However, Valentine’s Day, 1929,  in Chicago, produced a very “Bloody Valentine.” Seven members of “Bugs” Moran’s gang were gunned down. The slaughter was attributed to rival gangster Al “Scarface” Capone.

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