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Citronella Plants Protect Our Home in the Philippines from Mosquitoes

citronella plant philippines

“Citronella Plants Protect Our Home in the Philippines from Mosquitoes” is today’s topic. The Philippines Department of Health has reported a 41% increase in cases of dengue fever in the country from 01 January 2016 to 11 June 2016 compared with the same period in 2015.

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Dangerous Dengue Outbreak Bites Guimaras

Guimaras, in the Western Visayas, is the island province we call home. A dengue outbreak was declared in Guimaras on Thursday. Furthermore, this comes on the heels of distressing news for our family. Two of our nieces on the island province have contracted dengue fever. Hence, this post: “Dangerous Dengue Outbreak Bites Guimaras.” Dangerous Dengue … Read more

Dengue Hospital Costs Covered by PhilHealth

guimaras provincial hospital

We received good news since my spouse was admitted to our local healthcare facility in the Philippines. She was on the road to recovery and was discharged from the Guimaras Provincial Hospital this past Friday after a battle with dengue fever and pneumonia

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Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2

guimaras provincial hospital

“Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2.”

I had rushed my asawa to the Provincial Hospital in Guimaras where we received the grim news. My wife had a case of dengue fever and pneumonia. Her white blood platelet count was dangerously low, 106, with 150 being the normal range. The physician on duty advised us that my spouse could be at risk for internal bleeding due to the dengue. 

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Rat Causes 11-Hour Power Outage in Guimaras

guimelco truck

9:15 pm Monday. I was already in bed trying to get to sleep. My asawa and our helper, Mera, were upstairs watching a Filipino soap opera. Suddenly I heard a loud explosion! Lights out! Everything went black a split second after the boom. Transformer blew. Heard that sound many times in my almost six years of living in “paradise,” the Philippines.

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Lolo’s Nipa Hut in the Philippines is Completed

nipa hut in the philippines

Lolo’s nipa hut in the Philippines is completed. It took my brother-in-law Joery and his two man crew eight weeks to complete the project at a cost of 4,000 US Dollars. I’ll have a breakdown of the construction costs in a future post.  While the building took longer than I thought it would, it occurred during Christmas week and New Year’s Day. Delays can be expected during those two major holidays in the archipelago, but we’re not on any specific time table so time is not really of any concern to me; we have a lease on our current residence, “The Farm,” until the end of October of this year.

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Another New Project Down on The Farm in Guimaras

Our brother-in-law, Joery, has recently completely another new project down on The Farm in Guimaras, our home province in the Philippines. Joery is our all-around general handyman and will be the foreman on our new house that we will have built on the mango province later this year. He’s the proverbial “jack-of-all-trades” and has excellent … Read more

New Projects in Progress at The Farm

Our path at The Farm

My brother-in-law in Guimaras, Joery, is our general handyman. While we have a caretaker, Gerry, who lives on site at “The Farm,” where we now reside, Joery, plumber, electrician and carpenter all rolled into one, is our “go-to-guy” for any new projects in progress at “The Farm.”Joery and Alida take a snooze

Joery and his asawa, Alida, taking a snooze on a lazy Sunday afternoon

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