Should Foreigners live in the Philippines?

While the current coronavirus crisis continues, the longest lockdowns on earth still exist in the Philippines. Moreover, a new “anti-terrorism” bill recently signed by President Duterte is causing concern among nuns and beauty queens. Because of the new law, suspects can go to jail without a warrant of arrest for up to 24 days. Nevertheless, … Read more

Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines

the dirty kitchen

UPDATE Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines Perhaps I’m becoming more “Filipino.” Because I moved to the Philippines over 10 years ago, I have to wonder if I’m emulating “Filipino Time.” As a result, it’s taken me almost five years to update this post “Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines.” New Updates on Popular Articles However, maybe … Read more

How Safe is the Philippines after Elections Shuts out Opposition Senators?

taxi philippines

It was a shutout. A big, fat, zero goose egg for President Duterte’s critics. Furthermore, not since 1947 have any opposition senators failed to gain even one single Senate seat. “How Safe is the Philippines after Elections Shuts out Opposition Senators?” Despite what anti-Duterte left-wing media outlets like “Rappler,” would have you believe, the Philippines is safer than ever before.

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5 Early Retirement Steps Philippines

First of all, I retired at the age of 57. Lots of people retire at a younger age. However, some people find it necessary to still work while in their 70’s or 80’s to supplement their Social Security. As a result, they don’t have as much free time as an old geezer like myself, now approaching the backside of 70. “5 Early Retirement Steps Philippines” gives you some tips on making your own early retirement dreams come to pass.

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10 Things You Need to Know before Moving to the Philippines

Are you thinking of retiring to the Philippines? I moved to this group of 7,107 islands with my beautiful Filipina wife over nine years ago. Aside from getting used to men peeing in public in broad daylight, there are other issues to deal with in this Southeast Asian “paradise.” Here’s my list of 10 Things You Need to Know before Moving to the Philippines.

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American Expat Motorcyclist Killed in Iloilo Jeepney Crash

I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the graphic picture shown courtesy of Panay News. While the American expat motorcyclist from Texas was struck by a jeepney, I don’t see any signs of the victim wearing a helmet.

Panay News Miag ao crash kills American

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Potential Rice Riots in the Philippines

mang inasal unli rice

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 was a somber day for many Filipinos. Philippine Sen. Cynthia Villar had just called for a ban on unlimited rice servings, “unli-rice,” in restaurants across the archipelago! I was shocked, stunned and staggered! Had all the politicians in the world gone mad? Potential rice riots in the Philippines now became a distinct possibility.

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