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The Island Hoppers of Guimaras

island hopping off Raymen Beach

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands. Traveling by banca boat (see following photo) is an unrivaled means of checking out some of the islets and enclaves which is something my asawa and her relatives, the island hoppers of Guimaras, did one recent Sunday. island hopping in the Philippines

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Pretty Pinays Roam Raymen Resort in Guimaras

swimsuit beauties manggahan

Pretty pinays roam Raymen Resort in Guimaras, the island province we call home. What more could a crusty old expat who has lived in the Philippines almost six years desire? A beautiful asawa, a sunny day on the beach, a cold bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and not a care in the world. Sure, I got a sunburn as I walked along the white sandy shores but it was my desire, as CEO of Philippines Plus, to get as many photos of lovely ladies as possible. It’s a sacrifice I make for my faithful readers.

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The “Ugly American” Makes an Appearance at New Construction Site

a look at the new roof

My asawa has borne the brunt of the stress associated with the building of our new home in the Philippines. My spouse handles the ordering of materials and takes care of the payroll and makes sure all of our workers have an ample snack supply on hand for their daily merienda. Regular readers know that I don’t do much of anything and excel in that function. But the other day, I had gotten fed up with the excuses of our roofers, and thus the “ugly american” found it necessary to make an appearance at our new construction site.

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I Award the Barangay Queen Her Trophy at Local Barangay Fiesta

The Royal Court

Celebrity status in the Philippines is a phenomenon many foreigners will encounter in the archipelago. Some expats, like Tom Ramberg over in Gen San, is often the recipient of wolf whistles from appreciative Filipinas whenever he steps out in public.  I’ve been chased and screamed at by pretty pinays as I sat in the rear of a jeepney or tricycle in Guimaras, my island province home. Every time this event occurs I check my barn door to make sure it’s closed. It always is so I can only assume that the young ladies were either stoned on shabu or flirtatious Filipinas from the local KTV bars.

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The Kano’s Prognosis? Fatty Liver Disease

The Kano’s prognosis? Fatty liver disease. Two weeks when the doctor over at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in Guimaras went over my abdominal ultrasound,  which I had taken as a result of a recent kidney stone attack, I was clueless on what “fatty liver” meant aside from guessing I had fat in my liver. At the time. I was more focused on the doctor’s information about my kidney stones.

Help is on the way

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An Evening in Guimaras with the Ladyboys

Until my lovely asawa and I moved to the Philippines over four years ago to live in her home province of Guimaras, I did not realize the proliferation of ladyboys in the Philippines until I made my first trip to a SM Mall in the big city of Iloilo.  I never suspected at that time that I would be spending an evening with the ladyboys in Guimaras in the future.Dave and Melinda

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American Expats Visit “The Bistro” in Buenavista

I was posted at Parola Dock in Iloilo City waiting for  The Tom Cat, my American expat friend from Guimaras, and his main squeeze, LenLen. We were on a sojourn to  Buenavista, a town located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island, to visit the VeneZia Bistro, a restaurant/bar operated by our crusty British colleague, Keith.  Sporadic showers slapped me in the face as I dove for cover underneath a battered, corrugated metal roof that looked like it  had gone 12 rounds with Brock Lesnar and lost.  Buenavista Guimaras

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Island Hopping Off Guimaras

Visited Raymen Beach Resort,  located on Guimaras, the sweet mango province where my wife grew up, this past Mother’s Day.  We were celebrating the birthdays of two nephews, Sharwen and Jorreal.  Since my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Alida, were in attendance, it was a perfect way to combine the birthday celebrations and also honor our Mom’s.  Island hopping tour in Guimaras

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