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Foreigners w/Permanent Resident Visas Still Allowed in Philippines Despite Stricter Lockdowns

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President Duterte issued a stricter lockdown status for Metro Manila and other regions from August 4-August 18. However, foreigners w/Permanent Resident Visas can still enter the Philippines despite stricter lockdowns. International air travel flights are still ongoing. Consequently, when the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) went into effect, I assumed that international air travel would … Read more

Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines

Because lockdowns for the coronavirus continue in the Philippines, I decided to release this post. “Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines.” Quarantine Levels for Expats in the Philippines Of course, the quarantine levels for expats in the Philippines are the same for Filipinos for the most part. However, LSIs, Locally Stranded Individuals, which can … Read more

Sensational Soulful Boracay Sunsets

Because I wanted a break from the current coronavirus crisis crisscrossing the globe, I decided to post some pictures from our Boracay vacation in late February 2020. While President Duterte’s Press Secretary recently opined that the Philippines is on the “precipice of annihilation,” I decided to take a lighter tone in this article. Hence, today’s … Read more

USA Leads 2019 List of Sex Offenders Banned from Philippines

Above all, it’s an affront and an embarrassment. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, banned 160 alien sex offenders from entering the country in 2019. The overwhelming amount of those sex offenders, 128, was from the United States. USA Leads 2019 List of Sex Offenders Banned from Philippines Furthermore, that’s an overwhelming 80 percent of … Read more

Chinese Top 2019 Philippine Immigration’s “Naughty” List

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, has released their annual “naughty” list. The Chinese lead the 2019 list of 180 rude foreigners barred by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. Chinese visitors blew away the competition last year as the Bureau prohibited 63 Chinese nationals from entering the Philippines. Koreans took the #2 spot with 23 … Read more

Retire to the Philippines on $999 Month


I retired to the Philippines in July 2009. Since August 2009, I’ve been writing about life in “paradise.” While a lot of the cost of living in the Philippines depends on your location and individual lifestyle, it’s possible to retire to the Philippines on $999 a month. Four Folks & Eight Pups Furthermore, we supported … Read more

3 Philippine Banks Ranked Worst in Customer Service

While I’ve previously written about the best banks in the Philippines, this post offers the opposite side of the spectrum. If you’re looking to open a bank account in the Philippines, customer service is a factor you probably want to consider. Therefore, today’s post, “3 Philippine Banks Ranked Worst in Customer Service” offers some unique … Read more

Dead Americans in the Philippines

Yes, it’s a morbid title. “Dead Americans in the Philippines.” After posting a recent story about an American from Boston who died in the Philippines, I did some research. First of all, I ran across some intriguing information. A section entitled “U.S. Citizen Deaths Overseas”interested me. According to the U.S. State Department, the agency is … Read more

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