The Essential Expat Handbook: Philippines

How YOU can discover insider secrets on sex, safety, and security in the Philippines

“Honest and Raw” Gen Wisen, Metro Manila

OVER 300 Jam-Packed Pages

Special report with crime and safety warnings from a US government security agency

“Sexpats, White Babies, and Rock Stars”…Call it love or lust; why some Filipinas desire a “white baby”

“Go ahead, Mate, Pinch ‘er Arse”…why even holding hands with a Filipina can get you arrested

How violating “The Ten Year Rule” can land you a lengthy jail sentence

Save a ton of bucks with the handbook’s banking tips for the Philippines

Discover the BEST visa advice for you

How a foreigner can legally possess a gun in the Philippines

Shocking true life adventures from the Philippines…how my pet pooch ended up as someone’s dinner!

How Safe is it to visit or live in the Philippines?

7 Best Proven Places to Retire in the Philippines

Will You be able to Avoid the “White Angel of Death?”

How Refusing to Buy a Beer can get you Killed in the Philippines

8 Outrageously Stupid Things I’ve Done in the Philippines…and how I avoid them now

How my Filipina wife survived a gunshot wound and an attack from an Army major!

My name is Dave DeWall. The locals call me “The Kano,” short for “Amerikano.” I’ve lived in the Philippines since 2009. I’ve been married to a lovely, loving, loyal Filipina for almost 20 years.

The gloves are off! No punches are pulled. No holds barred. “The Essential Expat Handbook: Philippines” comes from experiences gained from living in the Philippines for over 10 years. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Mrs. and Mr. Kano

Exclusive FBI Safety Tips for Travelers

Latest Terrorism Threats in the Philippines

Top 7 Expat Retirement Problems

“The Essential Expat Handbook: Philippines” includes the following awesome sections:

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