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2 Aussies w/o Required Permits Blacklisted by Philippine Immigration

It seems that some folks pay no attention to the laws in the Philippines. As a foreigner who has lived in the archipelago since 2009, I’ve been a witness to flagrant violations of regulations. Because of the casual enforcement of rules, some foreigners may believe that they will never be apprehended for violating the law. … Read more

US Citizens May Be Required to Obtain Visa before Entering Philippines

While this story has already been out for a few days, I’ve been sitting on it, waiting for more details. The following post, “US Citizens May Be Required to Obtain Visa before Entering Philippines,” relies on information from various online sources. First of all, how did this diplomatic snafu get started? I’ll attempt to break … Read more

Countries Allowed Visa-Free Entry to PH Infographic

Saw this infographic on the Philippine News Agency website. “Countries Allowed Visa-Free Entry to PH Infographic” comes courtesy of the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, DFA. Frankly, it’s one of the best government-issued graphics I’ve ever seen. The list, styled with the new font and logo for the country’s official tourism slogan “It’s More Fun … Read more

New US Green Card Crackdown

Immigration to the United States is a “privilege” and not a “right.” Personally, I don’t believe in the “Open Borders” concept. I think a country has a right to protect its borders and limit the number of immigrants wanting to enter that country. That said, according to a report in The Manila Times, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has proposed a major rule change for many immigrants.

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Scammers and Would-Be Thieves in Bacolod City

bacolod sincere drug store

During a recent shopping sojourn to Bacolod City, the “City of Smiles,” my asawa and I were impressed by several things. The friendly people and the stores that actually hired more mature workers, impressed me. The public transportation system was cheap and easy to use. The cab drivers were honest. The Check Inn Pension House where we stayed was affordable and centrally located and had a decent restaurant where we had a couple of meals. But two incidents during our three day stay are worth noting, especially to any expats that might be planning to visit Bacolod. masskara festival in bacolod city


The City of Smiles is known for its annual MassKara Festival held every October

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Guimaras Joyful Preschool Continues to Educate Young Minds

alida tutoring

That’s my sister-in-law Alida, who as Director of the Guimaras Joyful Preschool, continues to educate young minds as she tutors an adolescent  charge early one Saturday morning. Alida’s institute of learning has grown from an initial enrollment of 19 pupils to well over 70 students in only a few years. She now has a waiting list, and along with her husband Joery, are planning to build a new classroom adjacent to the present structure to handle the increasing enrollment demands.
alida tutoring


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Another New Project Down on The Farm in Guimaras

Our brother-in-law, Joery, has recently completely another new project down on The Farm in Guimaras, our home province in the Philippines. Joery is our all-around general handyman and will be the foreman on our new house that we will have built on the mango province later this year. He’s the proverbial “jack-of-all-trades” and has excellent … Read more

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