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Philippines: My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Ang Probinsyano

“Philippines: My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows.” I retired to the Philippines with my lovely Filipina wife almost eight years now. During that time I’ve logged in countless hours of “boob tube” time scouring the vast TV wasteland. Researchers at Oregon State University did a study years ago which revealed what any red-blooded, beer-bellied American guy already knows: men are more likely to dominate use of the remote control, more likely to annoy their partners with its use, and more likely to “channel surf” – skipping from channel to channel in the endless pursuit of perfect television. I plead “nolo contender to all of the above.

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Cop Killer in the Land of the Mango

He’s a quiet but friendly Filipino. Trike driver. Middle-aged.  But he’s a tough guy with a temper who doesn’t suffer fools lightly. The tricycle driver is known by some as the cop killer in the land of mangoes, Guimaras province, Philippines, Western Visayas Region. Hit hard by Typhoon Yolanda last November, but chock-full of rough and ready, resilient Pinoys and Pinays. Super typhoons? No problem. Too much Red Horse? Problem.

Dave's trike in Guimaras

A local trike driver in Guimaras

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A Few Beers. One Babe. And Guimaras.

Beers.  A babe. And Guimaras.  The only element in abundance during my recent visit to the mango province with The Tom Cat a week ago last Friday was beer. And rain. A deluge that dogged us all day. But my American expat friend and I dodged our usual dives and headed for a posh hotel at the New Site in San Miguel, Zemkamps Chalet, after a lunch at our favorite eatery, Lisa's Talabahan.

The Tom Cat and LenLen at Lisa's Talabahan in GuimarasThe Tom Cat and LenLen at Lisa's Talabahan

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