I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan

the guimaras swat team

Decades ago I was in the United States Air Force military police. Maybe that’s why I always make it a point to be sociable to peace officers no matter where I’m at but especially in the Philippines. I’ve met quite a few friendly police men and security guards in nearby Iloilo on Panay Island and on our own island province. So I guess it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to my readers when I post a title such as the one above: “I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan.”

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Current Crime Capers Clamp Down on Mango Land

mango land guimaras

Guimaras used to be the least crime free province in the Western Visayas. The mango province only posted a crime volume of 128 and average monthly crime rate of 10.63 for the period January to July 2013, which were considered the lowest in Western Visayas. But current crime capers now chow down on Mango Land, Guimaras. Attempted murders, strong-armed robberies and burglaries now litter the landscape of this once peaceful province, where my asawa and I moved to over five years ago. We’ve also spent two years on nearby Panay Island, where we do the bulk of our shopping in Illoilo City, a metropolis of over 400,000 people with an understandably higher crime rate than our island province which has approximately 163,000 residents and 100 times the number of dogs, lizards, chickens and roosters.

Big mango at Jordan Wharf Visitor's Center in Guimaras

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The Tom Cat and Fearless Frank Frolic in Florida

tom cat

Spoke to The Tom Cat the other day while I still had my magicJack which is due to expire soon. But since I can only renew my subscription with them using credit cards, which I do not have, I won’t be able to continue their service.  Tom had emailed me a few photos, which he has given me permission to publish on Philippines Plus, so I wanted to share them with my readers. I’ve given this post the title of “The Tom Cat and Fearless Frank Frolic in Florida.” Though “frolic” might be inappropriate for a couple of guys approaching their mid-Fifties, I’m feeling in a generous mood today.

GilliganThe Tom Cat with his boat, “The Ark.”


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American Expat’s Return to America

the flag

American expat’s return to America. That’s correct. I’m going back to the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I haven’t been there in over five years since my retirement to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife. My asawa will stay behind with her Father, who is afflicted with dementia, and who had to be stopped today from going to a cock fight. Of course, we don’t know who invited him to this event, but he was determined to go. Our 16-year-old domestic helper, Mera, barely five feet tall and probably not weighing much than a duwende went out to stop Lolo.

The Tom Cat, The Kano and Lolo

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Lolo Joins the Fight Club


Lolo joins the fight club. My 82-year-old father-in-law has dementia. He lives with us. And occasionally the senior likes to spar with his son-in-law he calls “Domingo” since he can’t pronounce my real name, “Dave.” It’s OK, I’ve been called a lot worse. But the feisty fighter is getting on my nerves.

Lolo hanging out in GuimarasLolo in a good mood

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The Kano’s Prognosis? Fatty Liver Disease

The Kano’s prognosis? Fatty liver disease. Two weeks when the doctor over at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in Guimaras went over my abdominal ultrasound,  which I had taken as a result of a recent kidney stone attack, I was clueless on what “fatty liver” meant aside from guessing I had fat in my liver. At the time. I was more focused on the doctor’s information about my kidney stones.

Help is on the way

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Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines

Call it “writer’s block,” call it old age, call it what you want. But occasionally I draw a blank when it comes to posting new articles for this website, “Philippines Plus.” Listen, I’ve started three posts already this morning on my Word Press platform and I’ve sent them all to the trash. “Justified” comes on in one hour and I’m stymied. So don’t be surprised by the title of this particular offering: “Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines.” 


photo source:fanpop.com

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Riding the SuperCat Ferry from Iloilo City to Bacolod


My beloved asawa and I needed a vacation. After a ten day visit from relatives in Manila and the escalating demands of caring for Lolo and his dementia, we both needed a break. So we took off for Cebu via Bacolod. We had no firm plans on how to reach Cebu but knew that flying to the Queen City of the South via Cebu Pacific was too expensive an option.

SuperCat Ferry lands in Bacolod

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