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Immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19

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Are you considering immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19? Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, only foreigners with long-term visas are currently able to enter the Philippines. Therefore, why even consider immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19? Certainly, this current crisis won’t last forever. Consequently, now would be a good time to plan for when … Read more

Top 7 Expat Philippines Retirement Problems

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Are you considering the Philippines as your retirement destination? I’ve lived in the Philippines for over nine years now. I’ve been married to a lovely Filipina for over 18 years. As a result, I’ve gained some insight over the years regarding life in “paradise.” Consequently, I’ve decided to write this post to help inform future retirees: “Top 7 Expat Philippines Retirement Problems.”

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10 Things You Need to Know before Moving to the Philippines

Are you thinking of retiring to the Philippines? I moved to this group of 7,107 islands with my beautiful Filipina wife over nine years ago. Aside from getting used to men peeing in public in broad daylight, there are other issues to deal with in this Southeast Asian “paradise.” Here’s my list of 10 Things You Need to Know before Moving to the Philippines.

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Simple Man. Simple Life.

American expat in the Philippines. A Simple Man. A Simple Life. No one has threatened to kill me recently. I’ve only had to yell at one jeepney operator blocking our main street in downtown San Miguel, Guimaras, the other day. No trips to nearby Iloilo City in about a month. I wish I could report more exciting events but I can’t.

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American Expat Motorcyclist Killed in Iloilo Jeepney Crash

I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the graphic picture shown courtesy of Panay News. While the American expat motorcyclist from Texas was struck by a jeepney, I don’t see any signs of the victim wearing a helmet.

Panay News Miag ao crash kills American

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Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain

My E-book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor”, has a section that deals with barangay captains. “Dog Dispute Delivers Dispatch from Barangay Captain” relates a recent visit we had to our own local government unit, LGU. It’s imperative that you have a good relationship with your own local “kapitan.” You never know when you might receive a summons to the local barangay hall.

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