“Norse Gods,” “Vancouver Scott,” & Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration

First of all, my SEO, Search Engine Optimization, hates long titles such as “Norse Gods,” Jehovah Witnesses, & Vancouver Scott: 2020 Annual Report Iloilo Immigration.  Because I didn’t want to leave anything out of the title regarding my annual visit to our local Iloilo Bureau of Immigration Field Office, I decided to go with the … Read more

Expat’s Extended Festive Walk Mall Review

My lovely asawa and I had previously visited Iloilo City’s new shopping venue for the first time back in July. Since our local energy provider, Guimelco, had scheduled another province-wide power outage for Guimaras, we decided to return this past Saturday to the new mall. “Expat’s Extended Festive Walk Mall Review” offers new insights into this shopper’s haven.

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Iloilo Eats: Bigby’s Bombs Out, Zark’s Burgers Rocks

Thursday. Guimelco, our so-called “power” company in Guimaras, announced an 8-hour brown out from 8 am to 5 pm. My lovely asawa and I decided to make our monthly trek to nearby Iloilo City to do some shopping. On Thursday, we stopped at SM City and devoured a couple of awesome burgers at Zark’s.

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