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Panic Attack in Paradise!

After hanging around the Provincial Capitol in Guimaras for about an hour, I decided to come back to "The Compound." It was around 10 pm. My asawa was angry because I had not, for the first time in over 11 years of marriage,  contacted her via a phone call or text message the entire day. Since I had not returned home from Iloilo City until almost 7:00 pm, she was understandably worried. Thought I had been kidnapped by two American expats I had met at "The Moon Cafe" in nearby Iloilo. I sent a text to Paul from Iloilo, our affable host. He replied  that "I was kidnapped by San Miguel Pale Pilsen." That was an accurate assessment of the situation.DSC

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Tampo Terror Widespread in the Philippines!

It can strike its unsuspecting male victim at any time! While this terror is widespread throughout the Philippines, prevalent in every barangay in every one of its 7,107 islands, it is known to attack the male species throughout the world and can bring down the strongest, the most macho of men. It can humble rich and poor alike. Subject them to some of the most inhumane form of psychological torture known to man, that if adapted by the CIA, could extract secrets from the most dedicated of hardened spies. All the CIA would need is one Filipina. Any Filipina.

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