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COVID-19 Has Created “Unreasonable Fear”… Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia

Finally, a voice of reason in the Philippines. Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, much like John the Baptist, is crying out in the wilderness. While Gov. Garcia is not calling for the repentance of sins, she is calling for an end to the COVID-19 mass hysteria. Consequently, today’s post, “COVID-19 Has Created ‘Unreasonable Fear’– Cebu Gov. … Read more

Why Bother with 2020 New Year’s Resolutions?

This is for all you slackers, procrastinators, and other lazy folks out there. I’m with you. A new year, a new decade is almost upon us. However, today’s post, “Why Bother with 2020 New Year’s Resolutions?” reinforces my personal belief that making resolutions every year is an exercise in futility. Why Bother with 2020 New … Read more

Unemployment in the Philippines Rises

The unemployment rate in the Philippines  increased to 7.3 percent in July 2013 from 7 percent in the same period last year according to a  yahoo.news philippines report from the NSO, National Statistics Office.

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