Spraying vs COVID-19 Should be discontinued

Here’s a recent announcement posted on the Philippine Department of Health, DOH, Facebook page: “Spraying and misting with disinfectants does more harm than good, and the DOH recommends avoiding this practice.” Hence, spraying vs COVID-19 should be discontinued. Spraying Creates Additional Health Hazards There is no evidence to support that spraying of surfaces or large … Read more

“Good Day”Coffee’s Amazing Health Benefits

Years ago when I worked for AT&T back in Central Illinois, I would kick start my mornings with an icy cold can of Diet Coke. There was a drive-up coffee shop on Sixth Street in Springfield only a few blocks from my work. But I didn’t want to miss out on my free parking spot on the street. There were no parking meters five blocks from my job, so I never stopped for a cup of “Joe.”  I wasn’t about to pay 30 bucks a month for a parking spot on a lot. Plus, a coffee would have cost me about two or three bucks back then, too lavish for my tight-fisted ways.

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Globe’s New Sensational Super Duper Internet Plan

Globe telecom models

I’m excited about Globe’s new sensational super duper internet plan, which is simply called “The Plan”. Brothers and Sisters in the congregation, lift up your hands and shout “Amen!” It’s a joyous day for this American expat in the Philippines. I’m more excited than Thor at a two-for-one sale on hammers!

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SM Seaside Cebu: An Amazing Adventure in Shopping

sm seaside cebu

My asawa and I recently visited the “Queen City of the South” and visited the new SM Seaside Cebu. It was an amazing adventure in shopping. This Super Mall, the 3rd largest mall in the Philippines and 8th largest in the world, opened last November. Though all the retail outlets are not open yet, over 250 out of 447 stores are in operation,  making it a tourist destination I highly recommend.

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STATLAB in Iloilo City Got the Job Done. New Ultrasound Results

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City

After an extremely frustrating visit for an ultrasound at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, my asawa and I took a banca boat to nearby Panay Island. Thanks to a tip from British expat Keith, who also lives on our island province, I resolved to check out a new healthcare clinic. I am delighted to proclaim that Statlab in Iloilo City got the job done. I was able to receive new ultrasound results for a recent kidney stone attack.

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City


  My asawa waiting at the Statlab Counter in Iloilo City


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Lolo’s Rescue!

Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I’m on a jeepney to SM City to pay my Smart Bro bill and pick up some ice cream. Our nieces and nephew from Guimaras will be visiting us this upcoming week at our home in Iloilo and the kids love ice cream. My asawa is in the mango province now to deliver groceries and to pick the kids up. My phone rings. I have my cell on the “Outdoor” profile so I can hear it. I’m  a 61-year-old geezer. Plus, the jeepney makes more noise than pre-tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert. I squint at the name on the incoming call. It’s blurry (don’t put my reading glasses on.)  Has to be my spouse.
Crowded jeepney in Guimaras

“The Crossing” near “The C0mpound” in Guimaras

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