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How to Save Almost 100 Bucks on Philippines Pool Supplies

“How to Save Almost 100 Bucks on Philippines Pool Supplies” is today’s featured topic. Now for those of you that don’t have a swimming pool but still need chlorine, we’ve discovered a place where you can save some money on this item.

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PhilHealth Contribution for Hospital Bill


After being diagnosed with gastritis and bile reflux, my asawa was ready to be discharged from Medicus Hospital in Iloilo City. This post, “PhilHealth Contribution=$300 ER, Hospital Bill,” reveals how much of our hospital bill, PhilHealth, the national health insurance plan of the Philippines, covered.

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Corrupt Cebu City Cabbies

cebu city taxis

I’ve praised taxi drivers in the “Queen City of the South” on this website in the past. I’m sorry that I now feel compelled to post this next story: “Corrupt Cebu City Cabbies,” but regulars readers of “Philippines Plus” know I always try to tell you the positives and negatives about living in the Philippines. 

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Back in Bacolod, the City of Smiles

Masskara festival in Bacolod

My asawa and I were back in Bacolod, the “City of Smiles,“on a mini-vacation in the Philippines. Regular readers of Philippines Plus know that I excel in doing nothing but my spouse works from sunrise and sunset and deserved a break. I’m always on a perpetual one of course.

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Living in the Philippines: Five Year Review

Continuing my “Living in the Philippines: Five Year Review: Part Two” looks at what my pet peeves about the Philippines were during my 3rd Year Review.   Some of the items mentioned in Part One, which dealt with my first year in paradise, popped up in Year Three, namely Filipinos who butt in line and brownouts. By the third year of my retirement in this archipelago, I have evidently adjusted enough to only have two issues that irritate me from two years ago. Truth be told, my asawa can probably give you a whole list of stuff I gripe about, but that’s a whole different post.  The Bonehead & the bank guards

The Bonehead & the bank guards

Hanging out with my MetroBank peeps in Iloilo City during year one

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The Iloilo Dentist and the Ten Dollar Extraction

Fullscreen capture   PM

Toothaches. Don’t know many who enjoy them. I don’t. Had a bad tooth pulled earlier this year at a dental clinic at SM City in Iloilo City. Not happy the dentist charged me the “kano skin tax.” Cost me P1500, almost double the quoted price.  I put up with the pain from that aching molar for almost six months. I had this current toothache pain for the last four weeks. It was time to find a new dentist in Iloilo. Was in no mood to put up with this pain much longer.

Fullscreen capture   PM

Photo Source: DentalOrg.Com

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Let’s Rip Off the “Rich American”!


"The Rich American." "The Rich Foreigner." We're the ones that run around with "ATM" stamped in big letters on our foreheads. Guess it's better than having "666" marked on your noggin. But one of the few things I don't like about living in the Philippines is the fact that some people treat us like the U.S. Mint. They think we can print out money endlessly and hand it out in bucketfuls. Relatives. Strangers on the street. Vendors.  A recent event in Iloilo City reminded me of this personal pet peeve of mine when my asawa went to buy some flowers for an aunt that had passed away in Guimaras. Dave

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