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Do You Want to Build the Best Nipa Hut in the Philippines?

Lolos nipa hut in the Philippines

Do you want to build the best nipa hut in the Philippines or do you want to build one half-assed? The Bahay Kubo, Balay, or Nipa Hut, is a type of stilt house common to most of the Filipino rural culture. If you desire to manufacture a quality hut, you need a quality crew. Take a gander at our brother-in-law Joery in this photo. He’s preparing to put a concrete finish on the CR, Comfort Room, walls. He always does quality work.

Joery our Nipa Hut foreman


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Nipa Hut Progress on our New Property in the Philippines

the new nipa hut is going up

Here’s the latest nipa hut progress on our new property in the Philippines. For few weeks now, our brother-in-law Joery, Cousin Doening (whose daughter Mera works for as a domestic helper), caretaker Gerry and Joery’s neighbor Jon, have been busy constructing a new domicile for my father-in-law, Lolo, who is afflicted with dementia and loves to converse with dead relatives and belt out silly songs all hours of the night. Yes, I know that the poor guy, who recently socked me in they eye and gave me a shiner that lasted three weeks, cannot help himself. But have you ever lived 24/7 with someone that has dementia?  The fact that he cannot control his actions doesn’t make his behavior any less annoying.

the new nipa hut is going up

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Survey on New Property Could Spark Turf War

meeting the new neighbors in the philippines

A recent new survey on our Guimaras property could spark a turf war. My asawa and I are set to start building our new domicile on the mango island province this November and had hired a survey firm from nearby Iloilo City to do provide us with a sketch plan. We could start working on our final design plans that we could submit to Peter, a local architect and trusted relative, who could transform our rough sketches into a blueprint our construction crew could work with.


meeting our new neighbors in guimaras

My asawa chats with a neighbor who had dropped by to check out all the activity


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Road Crew in Guimaras, Western Visayas, Making Excellent Progress

construction guimaras

The road crew in Guimaras, the island province in Western Visayas that my asawa and I reside, has been making excellent progress on highway improvements in our immediate area. It won’t be long until my spouse and I will be driving our new truck on  these new widened pathways making navigating the mango island much easier. And,  as a 62-year-old geezer, I’m all for making our own “pocket of paradise” more comfortable and less stressful.

a load of dirt used in guimaras road construction

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Not Exactly a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the Philippines

As evidenced by the lead photo of Lolo (Grandpa) fast asleep, it was not exactly a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the Philippines. After the arrival of my asawa’s brother from Metro Manila to retrieve his Baptismal Certificate in Guimaras, the home province of the clan, our initial plans to usher in the New Year at “The Farm” were scuttled.Lolo was fast asleep in New Year's Eve

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New Projects in Progress at The Farm

Our path at The Farm

My brother-in-law in Guimaras, Joery, is our general handyman. While we have a caretaker, Gerry, who lives on site at “The Farm,” where we now reside, Joery, plumber, electrician and carpenter all rolled into one, is our “go-to-guy” for any new projects in progress at “The Farm.”Joery and Alida take a snooze

Joery and his asawa, Alida, taking a snooze on a lazy Sunday afternoon

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