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Cheap TV in the Philippines: ABS-CBN TVplus Black Box

abscbn plus

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know your author, the crusty old expat, is a cheap son-of-a-gun. Sure, we might be paying big bucks for our monthly 1290 Peso Plan with Cignal satellite, 26 bucks, but I wanted a more frugal option for one of our other four television sets

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Internet at The Farm in Guimaras

We’ve been without any Internet service at “The Farm” on the mango province of Guimaras since moving there in mid-October of last year. I’ve had a local Internet Service Provider since 1999 when I purchased my first PC. We’ve had broad band service in the Philippines with Smart Bro beginning in August 2009.The Tom Cat down on the farm in Guimaras

Former tenant at The Farm, The Tom Cat

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Our Cignal Satellite Installed in Guimaras Part 2

If you want to retire and live in the Philippines, be prepared for an extremely different culture than you might be used to if you come from a Western culture. “Filipino Time,” which basically means something gets done when it gets done, is in full force and ingrained in the very fabric of the nation.Cignal installer

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Our Cignal Satellite Installed in Guimaras

No Internet providers near our new location in Guimaras but we did bring our Cignal satellite dish and HD receiver box over in our recent move. At least we would have decent television programming to watch. Doubted that the local cable company in our mango province would be able to reach our remote location and we were extremely happy with the service we had in Iloilo with Cignal. So if it ain't broke, why fix it?Pat from Solar Network News

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Our Filipino Fashion Model

Our 14-year-old nephew, Sharwen, seen in the lead photo, is headed for a career as a fashion model,  a sort of Filipino “Farina” from “Our Gang.”  Thanks to some late night shenanigans from his cousins, April and Michelle (also seen in the picture), our nephew has been subjected to hair styling sessions which he seemed to be a willing participant in. 


Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino Farina

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