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My niece, April, was securing her necessary pre-employment documents required from the SM Department Store in Iloilo where she would begin work on August 31. She received her list of requirements last week, Wednesday. This past Monday at 2 pm she was to turn in those documents to the Human Resources Manager. That didn't leave her much time and with her Barangay Clearance still not in her hands, I was concerned she would be able to obtain her necessary paperwork in time. NBI

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20 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

underground river palawan

The Philippine boasts of 7,107 islands rich in natural resources and beautiful scenery. Each region of the country has a lot of things to offer—diverse culture, good food, breathtaking tourist spots, and hospitable natives. If you’re looking for the best place to take a vacation, then the Philippines should be one of your dream destinations. Here are 20 gorgeous places you shouldn’t miss out when visiting the country. Here’s the 20 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines:


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The Iloilo City Move! Riding The Tawash on Guimaras Strait.


Had just arrived with our rented jeepney at the Jordan Wharf a week ago this past Tuesday afternoon in Guimaras. Part two of our trek to Iloilo City was is progress. Our local porters, young Joseph and the mullet-wearing Neil, were helping the crew of the Tawash load the pump boat for the journey through the Guimaras Strait. It was decided by Larry, the skipper of the vessel (shown in the next photo standing next to your fat-headed author), to go to Fort San Pedro instead of the Ortiz Dock we normally would use because of the availability of more jeepneys. It had rained all morning, but we were currently taking advantage of a reprieve from the bad weather. With the four members of Larry's crew along with our two porters and our jeepney crew, it did not take long to unload our vehicle.DSC

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The Pump Boat Adventure to Iloilo City

Only a 15-minute, 14 peso (33 cents) journey to the Ortiz Dock at Iloilo City on a pump boat from Jordan Wharf on Guimaras Island. The vessels carry around 44 passengers and Coast Guard personnel are usually on hand at both docks to supervise. Each passenger boarding the craft is required to sign a log with their name, age and place of residence. Failure to do so can result in a delay in departure as the Guard will require boat crews to pass the log back to waiting passengers who did not sign. The pump boat will not leave until the amount of tickets sold equals the log numbers. I've been guilty of not signing off before if there was a long line at the log in desk and would have to sheepishly scribble my John Hancock along with other scofflaws on board who failed to do so. DSC

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