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San Miguel President Claims Vietnamese Drink Twice as Much Beer as Filipinos

First of all, I was merely checking on an article regarding the upcoming increased “sin tax” on alcohol products. Furthermore, while I might quaff a few adult beverages in a month, there’s worse “sins” a person could go to hell for. Drinking a few beers a month probably isn’t going to hurt my chances of … Read more

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Guimaras Mountain Resort

Guimaras Mountain Resort

My lovely asawa and I recently witnessed a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Guimaras Mountain Resort. OK, I, confess. Maybe only a few turkeys and chickens were actually sacrificed for the buffet dinner. However, Valentine’s Day, 1929,  in Chicago, produced a very “Bloody Valentine.” Seven members of “Bugs” Moran’s gang were gunned down. The slaughter was attributed to rival gangster Al “Scarface” Capone.

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Tantalizing Taytay Tales

Taytay Palawan

While we were in Puerto Princesa Palawan, my asawa and I decided to visit the Underground River. Puerto Princesa’s pride is easily the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (or Underground River), a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

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Unlimited 3-Day Weekends in the Philippines

old fart relaxing in boracay

My friends in the United States recently finished celebrating Labor Day. I used to look forward to the three day holiday when I worked at AT&T. Now,  I enjoy unlimited 3-day weekends in the Philippines. In fact, every day is now a holiday for this crusty old American expat.

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Our Island Hopping Disappointment in Boracay

island hopping in boracay

“Our Island Hopping Disappointment in Boracay.” I must have been asked over a thousand times if I wanted to go island hopping by various salesmen during our four day stay in Boracay. I was getting pissed with all the perpetual pestering.

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Chinese New Year Celebration at Mango Terrace Pension Hotel in Guimaras

our niece DenDen and my asawa at the mango terrace in guimaras

We kicked off the Chinese New Year with a celebration at the Mango Terrace in Guimaras. The Mango Terrace Pension Hotel, the former Shirven Hotel, is under new ownership and management. The establishment featured an all-you-can-eat buffet at 400 pesos a head, 8.50 U.S. Dollars, this past Monday evening to ring in the Year of the Monkey.

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The Christening of Merry Joy in the Philippines

the christening

I was inside working on the 2016 updated, revised version of my book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor.” I heard my asawa talking to someone outside. I peeked from my man cave window and noticed it was one of our former workers, Melcher. He had some coconuts. Not surprised, he’s the nephew of the brothers that sold us our property and he’s a neighbor. My wife had sent some leftover Christmas fruit salad to his Mother via our nephew Sherwen the day before. After his visit, I was informed that we would be in attendance for the christening of Merry Joy in the Philippines the next afternoon.

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