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Expat Success Story in Guimaras, the Philippines: Paul & Janeth Toplis

a closer look at banana trees in guimaras

Gather around the campfire, boys and girls, as I tell the tale of an Expat Success Story in Guimaras, the Philippines: Paul and Janeth Toplis. It’s the remarkable report of a bloke from a small island in the U.K. who recently celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss with his Filipina sweetheart. That in itself is an impressive achievement.

my lovely asawa in Guimaras

That’s my own lovely asawa in the photo above posing alongside some banana trees on the 13-hectare estate. Paul’s better half, Janeth, was in nearby Iloilo City shopping. ┬áPaul, who did not really care to be in the picture, and I, are both fortunate to have attractive wives that are extremely better looking than either one of us.

Frankly, pictures of Paul or yours truly are not going to drive more visitors to this website.

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Mud Wrestling with Lolo in the Rice Fields

Living with Lolo, my father-in-law, is an adventure. The 81-year-old grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He spends his days outside sweeping or pulling weeds. It keeps his mind occupied. Lolo will talk to Fernando Poe, Jr. or spontaneously sing songs he has composed. Most times he is content to do that.My asawa with Lolo and Michelle

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