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What is the Proper Abbreviation for the Philippines?

Philippine Flag

Seems like the Philippines, like other governments across the planet, love acronyms. Since retiring to the Philippines almost 11 years ago, I’ve encountered an abundance of abbreviations. Because I read about a dozen Filipino online newspapers a day, I’ve had to “Google” frequently to see what the acronyms stood for. “RP,” “Republic of the Philippines” … Read more

Tansyong, Best Thin-Crust Pizza in Guimaras

After a good juicy burger, a tasty palate-pleasing pizza is #2 on my favorite foods list. Since retiring to the Philippines over nine years ago, I’ve been hard-pressed to find a good pizza on our island province of Guimaras. Until now: Tansyong, best thin-crust pizza in Guimaras, if not the best pizza overall on the whole island.

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More Pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party

niece denden in our new swimming pool in the philippines

I had more pictures from our new swimming hole that I didn’t publish in my last post. So I’ve added more pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party. Last weekend saw our Guimaras relatives frolicking in our new lagoon. Even Lola, my mother-in-law got into the act! Thankfully, Grandma, seen in the next shot,  did not wear a two-piece string bikini.

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Our Filipino Workers Have Left the Building

filipino workers

Our Filipino workers have left the building after almost two years. Brother-in-law Joery led a crew that built a nipa hut on our property in November 2014.  In January 2015 Contractor Boy began work on our new home in the Philippines with a 22-man crew. We moved in the first of July 2015.

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I Award the Barangay Queen Her Trophy at Local Barangay Fiesta

The Royal Court

Celebrity status in the Philippines is a phenomenon many foreigners will encounter in the archipelago. Some expats, like Tom Ramberg over in Gen San, is often the recipient of wolf whistles from appreciative Filipinas whenever he steps out in public.  I’ve been chased and screamed at by pretty pinays as I sat in the rear of a jeepney or tricycle in Guimaras, my island province home. Every time this event occurs I check my barn door to make sure it’s closed. It always is so I can only assume that the young ladies were either stoned on shabu or flirtatious Filipinas from the local KTV bars.

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Latest Ultrasound Reveals No More Kidney Stones

guimaras ambulance

Since retiring to the Philippines over five years ago, I’ve had three major kidney stone attacks. The archipelago’s tropical climate puts a person at greater risk for kidney stone formation due to the way  our bodies manage water in a tropical setting. Perspiration becomes the customary way of how the body excretes water in tropical climates. Urination may slightly decrease due to urine being stored longer in the urinary tract. I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated enough before my attacks but now drink 2-3 liters of water daily. My latest ultrasound in the Philippines now reveals no more kidney stones and, as an added bonus, a healthy liver. I had been previously diagnosed with fatty liver disease back in July.

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

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Back in the USA. The Return of the American Expat

las vegas

I hadn’t stepped foot in the United States of American for over five years since retiring to the Philippines. But this past late September, I was back in the USA. It was the return of the American expat. My only reason for my visit was to see my 82-year-old Father who had retired to Las Vegas several years ago.

from my hotel window in Las Vegas

The view from my hotel window in Las Vegas.


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