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7,500 Reasons to Make the Philippines your Retirement Destination

island hopping is more fun in the Philippines

First of all, perhaps you thought I would be listing 7,107 reasons to make the Philippines your retirement destination. The number 7,500 refers to the number of islands now thought to make up the Philippine archipelago. 7,107 had been the standard figure for years ever since The Crusty Old Expat moved to the Philippines almost 10 years ago.

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80% Expats Love Guimaras as Retirement Destination

I retired to the Philippines almost ten years ago with my lovely Filipina wife. Because my spouse was born and raised in Guimaras, we moved to this island province. While this post’s survey is strictly informal, I believe “80% Expats Love Guimaras as Retirement Destination.”

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Can You Retire in the Philippines with $200,000 of Savings?

I ran across this awe-inspiring article at Investopedia by Jean Folger recently. First of all, Ms. Folger presents an interesting premise. Retiring in the Philippines with $200,000 of savings. A quick Google search shows some financial experts predicting that even 1 million US dollars wouldn’t be enough to retire.

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