How Much Will it Cost to Build Your Retirement Home in the Philippines?

our new house in the philippines

How much will it cost to build your retirement home in the Philippines?  In  this post I will address how much it might cost for you to build your own residence on this archipelago of 7,107 islands.  But keep in mind there is absolutely no way I can predict how much it might personally cost future expats to build a new home in the PH, this post is merely drawn upon my own personal experiences  and online research.

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Poor Customer Service at Western Union in Guimaras

My American expat friend, The Tom Cat, only has a few more days until he returns to the United States. I will not longer be able to refer to him as an expatriate but I will always call him a friend. Unfortunately, his last week in the Philippines was marred by a recent visit to the Western Union office in San Miguel, Jordan, in Guimaras. 

Western Union clerk hiding in Guimaras

Western Union clerk in Guimaras that hid from Tom when he returned to take a few photographs. 

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Building a House in the Philippines, Part 1: The Plans

First of all, sorry for being such a stranger to all in recent months, but since our move here December 12 2012, we have been pretty busy building our dream retirement home here in Paranaque (suburb of Manila).

Starting from Scratch

(Photo courtesy of Scott H)

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