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Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw

Sometimes it boggles even my thick, fat kano skull. Though my Filipina wife and I moved to the Philippines over eight years ago, some news still astonishes me. Take it from the crusty old expat, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, I’ve experienced a lot. But the following news report: “Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw” completely baffles me.

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American Expat Motorcyclist Killed in Iloilo Jeepney Crash

I apologize to anyone who might be offended by the graphic picture shown courtesy of Panay News. While the American expat motorcyclist from Texas was struck by a jeepney, I don’t see any signs of the victim wearing a helmet.

Panay News Miag ao crash kills American

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Pretty Pinays Parade at Manggahan Festival

Pretty pinays were on parade at the 20th Annual Manggahan Festival held in Guimaras last month.  Escorted by a posse from the Philippine National Police, PNP, I withstood the early morning heat  from my unshaded vantage point to snap the following photographs.  This American expat living in the Philippines stood out like Al-Qaeda at a bar mitzvah. PNP in Guimaras lead Manggahan Festival Parade

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The Cost of Sin in the Philippines

The cost of sinning is going up in the Philippines this coming January 1, 2013. I’m not talking about “bar fines” at some strip joint in Angeles City. I’m referring to the the price of smokes and booze.  Dave and The Red Horse

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