Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession

Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession. I’ve already suffered through months of news coverage regarding Miss Philippines Rachel Peters. Ms. Peters is a Filipino-British model who finished in the Top Ten of the recent Miss Universe Pageant. Much to my chagrin, the CNN news report was touting the visit of the new Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters to the Philippines.

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Lolo Joins the Fight Club


Lolo joins the fight club. My 82-year-old father-in-law has dementia. He lives with us. And occasionally the senior likes to spar with his son-in-law he calls “Domingo” since he can’t pronounce my real name, “Dave.” It’s OK, I’ve been called a lot worse. But the feisty fighter is getting on my nerves.

Lolo hanging out in GuimarasLolo in a good mood

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18 Candles

18 Candles. 18 Roses. 18 Treasures. My wife and I had been invited to the 18th Birthday celebration for Cousin Emma’s daughter, Kristine Ann. But when I saw the invitation and my name listed under the “18 Treasures” category, I asked my wife what was going on. 18 Candles at Debutante Party in the Philippines

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An Evening in Guimaras with the Ladyboys

Until my lovely asawa and I moved to the Philippines over four years ago to live in her home province of Guimaras, I did not realize the proliferation of ladyboys in the Philippines until I made my first trip to a SM Mall in the big city of Iloilo.  I never suspected at that time that I would be spending an evening with the ladyboys in Guimaras in the future.Dave and Melinda

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Filipino Student Banned Over FB Bikini Photo

bikini girl

Every morning I check Google News for the latest updates regarding the Philippines. “Filipino student banned over Facebook bikini photo” was a headline that was making international news. The Huffington Post, MSNBC, and the Beaver County Times (no, I’m not making that one up) reported on this story. (Photo by Anthony Thomas © All Rights Reserved, Flickr.)

Marlboro Girl

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“America in 3D: A Road Show in Diplomacy, Development, and Defense” Hits Iloilo City

My asawa and I had seen the banners at SM City in Iloilo a few weeks ago promoting an event sponsored by the US Embassy in Manila along with SM: "America in 3D: A Road Show in Diplomacy, Development, and Defense". The event would feature "Hip Hop" and "Line Dancing" workshops along with appearances by such talented artists as Arnel Pineda, who has been the lead singer for Journey since 2007.

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The Kano Cracks up the Sun Store Staff in Iloilo

sun commercial

Sometimes it's hard being me. I occasionally amaze myself with the amount of B.S. I can spread in one place. I used this God-given ability on a daily basis back at AT&T in Springfield, Illinois for almost 30 years.  Though I have been retired for over three years and don't have co-workers to share my "gift" with anymore, I had occasion to dust off and use my "talent" the other day at Robinsons in Iloilo City at The Sun Store. (Photo of  Ivy  Villania who starred in a Sun Cellular TV commercial directed by Paolo Dy, © All Rights Reserved. From Flickr.) 

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“Just Yank It Out, Doc!”


"Relax, relax," said the doc as she tried to calm me down. "If you want the tooth extracted, I will do that."  Even though I had been suffering with a severe tooth ache quite frequently since last October, once I heard the words "root canal" come of that dentist's mouth, I was ready to bolt faster than a redneck at a Barack Obama fundraiser.DSC

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A Friendly Chat With Armed Security Guards At Our Subdivision

Armed security guards are as common in our subdivision outside of Iloilo City as  shirtless Central Illinois rednecks guzzling a Pabst Blue Ribbon seated on their front porch couch at  seven in the morning (folks, I'm from Illinois, and I've lived that life; I speak from experience.)  As an expat that has spent over two years living in rural Guimaras with my Filipina wife of over 11 years, I've seen my share of security guards in the Philippines.  DSC e

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