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Guimaras Still COVID-19 Free Despite DOH “Stupidity”

Guimaras is the island province we call home. It’s located in Region 6, Western Visayas, of the Philippines. The DOH, Department of Health in the Philippines, recently scored a terrific blunder. The DOH claimed that an Overseas Filipino Worker, OFW, from Guimaras was the province’s first COVID-19 case.  However, the OFW is in quarantine in … Read more

Unearthly Quiet Settles over our Island Province

The kids are gone. Because our niece and nephew had to register for school yesterday, their summer vacation with us is over. The kids have been with us the past five weeks. The Annual Manggahan Festival has ended. An unearthly quiet settles over our island province of Guimaras.  Silence permeates our home.

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Homesteading 101 Philippines Property Perils

our new property in the philippines

“Homesteading 101 Philippines Property Perils” is a detailed look at problems you might encounter as a foreigner when it comes to property issues. In contrast to what you may be used to in your home country, property issues in the Philippines are fraught with pitfalls. Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles you could face.

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New Universal Healthcare Bill Will Replace PhilHealth

Members PhilHealth

The Philippine Senate passed its version of the Universal Health Care Bill. The Senate’s 14-0 vote seeks to guarantee all Filipinos equal access to quality and affordable health goods and services. President Duterte had certified the bill as urgent. The new Universal Healthcare bill will replace PhilHealth. PhilHealth will be renamed the Philippine Health Security Corporation.

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Lively Latin Dancers, Manggahan Festival Guimaras

I couldn’t dance my way out of a rice sack riddled with holes. “Lively Latin Dancers, Manggahan Festival Guimaras” is a post that solely exists because of The Sainted Patient Wife. My better half loves to dance. She’s especially fond of Latin dances, the Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, and Paso Doble.  Those routines and more were on display last Thursday evening at the 2018 Manggahan Festival in Guimaras. 

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