Pretty Pinays Populate Philippines Pageant

Beauty contests in the Philippines are as common as cow poop on our local roads. Even before Pia Wurtzbach, a German-Filipino model, won the 2015 Miss Universe title, pageant competitions were extremely popular. “Pretty Pinays Populate Philippines Pageant” documents a recent  visit my lovely asawa and I made to a local beauty contest, Miss Talangban 2018. Talangban is located in the municipality of Sibunag, Guimaras.

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Teen-Age Filipina Beauties

denden yes o model  search guimaras

Our niece DenDen is one of the “Teen-Age Fililpina Beauties” featured in this post. Den recently competed in the “Search for Mr and Miss YES-O-MODEL 2016. ” YES-O is an acronym for The Youth for Environment in Schools’ Organization. The competition was held at our niece’s high school in Guimaras.

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The Expat Celebrity: “He Must Be an American Movie Star!”

The Kano

Mac Davis crooned that “it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.” Anyone that has ever met me can attest to the fact that I’m far from perfect. But in the Philippines, one can become an expat celebrity the minute they pass their plastic-wrapped luggage through the Manila airport and officially enter the PH. When’s the last time someone exclaimed to you: “He must be an American movie star!”?

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The Island Hoppers of Guimaras

island hopping off Raymen Beach

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands. Traveling by banca boat (see following photo) is an unrivaled means of checking out some of the islets and enclaves which is something my asawa and her relatives, the island hoppers of Guimaras, did one recent Sunday. island hopping in the Philippines

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Pretty Pinays Roam Raymen Resort in Guimaras

swimsuit beauties manggahan

Pretty pinays roam Raymen Resort in Guimaras, the island province we call home. What more could a crusty old expat who has lived in the Philippines almost six years desire? A beautiful asawa, a sunny day on the beach, a cold bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and not a care in the world. Sure, I got a sunburn as I walked along the white sandy shores but it was my desire, as CEO of Philippines Plus, to get as many photos of lovely ladies as possible. It’s a sacrifice I make for my faithful readers.

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I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015

pretty pinays at Manggahan

Regular readers of Philippines Plus know that I excel at doing as little as possible. I’ve perfected my slothfulness to a fine art after almost six years of living in the Philippines.  But retirement in this archipelago comes with a price: notoriety. Thus, many of my stalwart subscribers, especially those that have visited or who reside in the PH, will not be surprised by the title of this post: “I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015.” 

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Back in the USA. The Return of the American Expat

las vegas

I hadn’t stepped foot in the United States of American for over five years since retiring to the Philippines. But this past late September, I was back in the USA. It was the return of the American expat. My only reason for my visit was to see my 82-year-old Father who had retired to Las Vegas several years ago.

from my hotel window in Las Vegas

The view from my hotel window in Las Vegas.


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Pretty Pinays Parade of Photos Lost in Picasa

Sigh. Papa Duck and his Asawa Anne attended the Annual Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, beauty pageant, with my spouse and I during the world travelers’ visit to our island province home this past May. We were there for the coronation of the new queen and though I thought we had missed out on the swimsuit competition which was held in April, imagine our delight (well, OK, maybe I shouldn’t include the spouses in “our delight”) when I realized that the fabulous Filipinas would don swimsuits in this final phase of the competition. But, sadly, dear readers, my photo parade of pretty pinays in skimpy outfits got lost in Picasa, Google’s image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. Here’ s a picture of a poster from the actual swimsuit phase of the contest which I missed.

swimsuit beauties at Manggahan Festival


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