5 Risky Problems Foreigners Face in Philippines

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

Have you considered moving or retiring to the Philippines? Because you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you are. Consequently, this post, “5 Risky Problems Foreigners Face in Philippines,” should prove useful to those considering a move to “paradise.” 5 Risky Problems Foreigners Face in Philippines First of all, what are the riskiest problems … Read more

Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts

Regular readers of “PhilippinesPlus” know that I’ve been critical of Guimelco, our local electric cooperative in Guimaras over the years. Guimelco is a distribution utility with rural electrification as its main thrust. It’s currently marking 40 years of operation this year, 2019. The past ten years we’ve lived in the Philippines has been frustrating at times because of the proliferation of brownouts, power outages. However, I was shocked when we experienced a record low three power outages last month. Therefore, I humbly present this post: “Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts.”

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Philippines Domestic Helper Walks Off Job

asian maid

Here’s a follow-up to my previous post. One late Saturday afternoon, my wife and I became a bit perturbed. Our pump for our water tank and the pump for our pool room were running simultaneously. Our full-time domestic helper “BingBing” had been instructed on numerous occasions that we did not want both of the pumps running simultaneously.

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Kentucky Fried’s First Filipino Colonel

kfc first filipino colonel

It was around 8:00 pm on a weeknight. Despite numerous power outages from our “service” provider, Guimelco, we miraculously had electricity that evening as I flipped the remote to Channel 2, ABS CBN. It was time for my asawa’s favorite program, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” As I steeled myself for a block of 10 minutes of commercials for Tide Detergent, multiple pain relievers from Unilever, and the same tired Selena Gomez Pantene ad, a new advertisement brightened our screen. The search for Kentucky Fried’s first Filipino Colonel was underway!

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Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes

GUIMELCO truck Guimaras

THEREFORE let it be known throughout the universe. I was right about something! And the fact that the Prince of our Province echoes my exact sentiments is rather shocking. Yes, dear reader, “Guimaras Governor Gumarin’s Guimelco Gripes” is a prodigious post that makes me happier than a turd in a toilet bowl.

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GUIMELCO Blames Geckos for Guimaras Brownouts

guimelco truck

I had to chuckle in disbelief when a fellow American expat informed me that GUIMELCO blames geckos for Guimaras brownouts. We’ve had a rash of almost daily, unscheduled outages the past two months. Those geckos must be pretty smart. The tuko are usually hitting us at the same time every night, just before 8:00 pm.

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Survey on New Property Could Spark Turf War

meeting the new neighbors in the philippines

A recent new survey on our Guimaras property could spark a turf war. My asawa and I are set to start building our new domicile on the mango island province this November and had hired a survey firm from nearby Iloilo City to do provide us with a sketch plan. We could start working on our final design plans that we could submit to Peter, a local architect and trusted relative, who could transform our rough sketches into a blueprint our construction crew could work with.


meeting our new neighbors in guimaras

My asawa chats with a neighbor who had dropped by to check out all the activity


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Leaving Iloilo

Leaving Iloilo. Next year. Why? Lolo’s  Alzheimer’s. No water. Constant brown outs. After nearly two years in “The City of Love,” and four years since moving to the Philippines, my asawa and I have decided to move back to her home province of Guimaras.  I’m fine with that.

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